Close-up of January Jones

Photo: @januaryjones

January Jones Swims in Style: A Look at the Actress' Most Fabulous Swimwear Looks on Instagram

From retro one-pieces to chic bikinis: January Jones' most glamorous swimwear looks for inspiring your beach style.

I've been a huge admirer of January Jones since her role as Betty Draper in the acclaimed "Mad Men." She possesses remarkable acting chops and one of the most exquisite swimsuit collections in Hollywood. Just take a glimpse at her Instagram account and you'll have enough proof!

Her sharp wit, humor, and endearing self-irony make her an Internet celebrity when it comes to responding to critiques.

Photo fo January Jones wearing a red bikini

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of January Jones

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of January Jones wearing a bikini by Lisa Marie Fernandez

Photo: @januaryjones

After turning 44, she embraced her birthday in style by posing poolside in a stunning leopard-print swimsuit. With just a few inspiring words on Instagram, she got people talking about age in positive ways: “Age is But a Feeling. And despite a rough last wk or so I’m feeling really good, really grateful and around maybe 27 (but wiser ☺️)",  she wrote - and I' can't agree more: age ain't nothing but a number!

Image posted on Instagram by @januaryjones for her 44th birthday

Photo: @januaryjones

During the epidemic lockdown, she posted a photo of herself in the pool wearing an orange bikini from the Ethiopian-based fashion brand, Lemlem. She hilariously captioned the pic, “Series: “Out of work actor needs attention”

Image of January Jones in the pool wearing a bikini by Lemlem

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of Amira_Pouf_Top-Photo_2

Photo: @Lemlem

Even more distinctive was how she handled negative feedback about too many bikini posts during the epidemic lockdown. Instead of getting defensive, she publicly shared the email with a funny caption: "Shit. They've discovered my secret. Consider this my public apology to my friends"! 😍😍

Image of a post saying:"
To Whom It May Concern:
The National Enquirer is preparing to
publish a story which reports January Jones
has worried friends with her series of
attention-grabbing bikini pictures and social
media posts.
Sources claim her content smacks of a
“desperate cry for attention” and note how
her acting work appears to have dried up
before then pandemic took hold.

If you have a statement or wish to comment
please provide it before 5 pm ET,
Wednesday, December 9, 2020, directly to
this email..."

Photo: @januaryjones

But of course, the one I prefer is this post in which she captions:" Mixed messages I know. Is it a dress or a swimsuit, is it baby doll or hot granny, (also I realize I'm too pale to be in the sun but it's morning and I'm headed straight inside)". In an age of ruthless scrutiny, it takes strength and self-assurance to post a message like this - one that humorously questions what is hip or trendy.

Photo of January Jones wearing a pink swimsuit

Photo: @januaryjones

Preference for one-piece swimsuits

Yes, January Jones is known to have a preference for one-piece swimsuits. She has posted a variety of different one-piece styles, including both classic and modern designs. One-piece swimsuits are a great choice for those who want to achieve a more elegant and sophisticated look, as they tend to offer more coverage than bikini styles. One-piece swimsuits are also a versatile option, they can be paired with a variety of different cover-ups and accessories to create different looks.

Photo of January Jones wearing a pink swimsuit by Lemlem

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of Semira_Deep_V_Belted_One_Piece-Photo_1

Photo: @Lemlem

Photo of January Jones wearing a green swimsuit by Shani Shamer

Photo: @januaryjones


Photo: Shani Shemer Website

Photo of January Jones wearing a silver one-piece swimsuit from Lisa Marie Fernandez

Photo: @januaryjones

Love for retro swimwear

She’s a fashion icon who embraces the timelessness of retro swimwear! Her signature style is mixing classic 50's and 60’s vibes with modern prints, like polka dots, florals or pin-up looks. Without a doubt, she rocks these vintage-inspired bikinis with high-waisted bottoms for maximum coverage plus playful features to create that flattering silhouette. She sure knows how to make nostalgia look current again!

Photo of January Jones wearing blue bikini by Marysia

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of January Jones wearing a dotted bikini by Marysia

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of January Jones wearing a black bikini by Marysia

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of January Jones wearing a bikini by Marysia

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of January_Jones-26

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of Lacing_Back_Bandeau-Photo_6

Photo: @Fleur_du_Mal

Photo of January Jones wearing a bikini by Oseree Swimwear

Photo: @januaryjones

Red Passion or Pink Elegance?

January's vibrancy and sophistication shine through regarding her swimsuit posts. The vibrant reds reflect passion, while the delicate pinks embody elegance - a perfect combination that represents January's emotional personality!

Photo of January Jones wearing a red swimsuit and denim shorts

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of January Jones wearing a red swimsuit by Ta3 Swim

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of Plungey_-_Red-Photo_1

Photo: @Ta3swim

Photo of January Jones with a pink high waisted bikini by Bay2 Swimwear

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of January Jones wearing a pink high waisted bikini by Lemlem

Photo: @januaryjones

Photo of January Jones wearing a purple bikini by GigiC swim

Photo: @januaryjones

...and finally the leopard print!

Adriana Degras' iconic bikini completes January's fashion story- a recurring passion for leopard print, reflected in her posts and swimwear. Although this bikini is no longer available, it remains unforgettable as part of January's style story.

Photo fo January Jones reading a book with leopard bikini by Adriana Degreas

Photo: @januaryjones

Ultimately, Jones' passion for one-piece suits, retro silhouettes, and vibrant colors exemplify her confidence to stand out; she prefers elegant swimsuits that are both fashionable and comfortable. Her particular wardrobe choices show that being classy does not mean being boring and that one can have a unique style even by mixing different cultures and sensibilities of January's chosen designers.

In fact, what generated particular interest for me in analyzing January's wardrobe is the mix of cultures represented by the brands chosen by January: in addition to a good number of American designers (Marysia, Ta3swim, Gigi C, Lisa Marie Fernadez), there are designers from all over the world: Adriana Degreas from Brasil, Lemlem from Ethiopia, Shani Shamer from Israel, Oseree from Italy, a sign that when you have your own identity, every culture fits your style. 😍😍

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