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Blooming into a New You: Our Favorites Picks of January

Reach Your Blooming Potential: 5 Stylish & Trendy Swimwear Picks for January to Help You Shine.

Blooming into a new you has never been easier! As the year begins, it's time to start fresh and reach your full potential. To help get you started on this journey, we’ve put together a list of our favorite swimwear picks for January that will have you blooming in no time!

From beautiful bikinis by Andi Bagus and Zimmermann to vibrant colors from OneOneswim, these stylish and trendy pieces will make waves as they help bring out the best version of yourself. So let's dive in and explore five unique looks perfect for 2023.

Look #1 – Vibrant Colors from OneOneswim on @alinasemjonov

Alina Semjonov is a world-traveling influencer who divides her time between Toronto and the various locations she visits for her content. Born in Estonia, Alina has a particular affinity for Exuma, Bahamas, which often serves as the backdrop for her stunning photos on Instagram. Alina does an outstanding job of capturing all that life has to offer, from her blogs to her photos!

In this post, Alina looks stunning in her Grace Top and Curly Bottom from Oneone Swimwear, with vibrant rainbow colors blending into each other. Crafted with lovely eco-friendly fabric ♻️, it features an underwired balconette top giving flattering support and neck strings for extra style. Meanwhile, the bottom offers moderate coverage with an elastic closure to ensure everybody can find the ideal fit.

Look #2 – A Bikini by Zimmermann Worn by @sofiabarbagallo

It's touching to see generations come together in one timeless style, with mothers and daughters donning matching swimwear. Fashion might constantly evolve over the years, but this moment captures the love that transcends any trend--the happiness beaming off them both is contagious!

Though Zimmerman's iconic ochre yellow bikini with its bright tropical floral pattern is no longer available this year, their new collection offers many stunning alternatives.

Photo of Sofia Barbagallo

Photo: @sophiabarbagallo

Image of woman wearing a bikini by Zimmermann

Photo: Zimmermann Website

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The Tiggy Ring Tie Bikini in Spliced from Zimmerman's Resort Swim 2023 Collection is carefully crafted with Italian Lycra. It features a timelessly elegant ring-tied design paired with an enchanting tropical-print floral design that evokes an energy and spirit most befitting of 2023.

Accented further by embossed florals and mixed colors between top/bottom, this eye-catching swimsuit offers innovation at its finest, combined flawlessly with timeless beauty.

Look #3 – Beautiful Bikini by Andi Bagus on @lifeonloc

Linda's striking presence and the exotic setting of this 'gram illustrate what "blooming style" is all about. Looking at Lina's vlog on YouTube, we can see that she points out life experiences and philosophies that shape her worldview. 

The vibrant colors and brilliant pattern of Andi Bagus' perfectly chosen bikini add to this landscape and manifest the comforting but fiery feeling of blooming style. 

The Monarch Bikini is a stunning two-piece set crafted with a beautiful butterfly pattern and vividly contrasting colors, printed on Eco Polyester swim fabric ♻️. The micro triangle top ties at the neck and back while its minimal coverage bottom features tie strings along each hip finished off with tiny plastic beads for an added sparkle.


Photo: @lifeonloc

Photo of Monarch_Bikini-Photo_3

Photo: @Andi_Bagus

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Linda is an absolute vision in her vibrant orange bikini adorned with a playful butterfly motif. Not to be outdone, the same design came in eye-popping shades of electric pink, cooling blue, and vibrant emerald green - indeed, something for everyone!

Look #4 - Stunning floral print by Blackbough on @zaraburfitt

With an eye-catching presence, Zara Burfitt is an inspiring model and Instagram influencer: her modeling expertise, combined with her toned physique, has won the attention of many admirers. This post shows Zara's sleek body and the stunning floral-patterned bikini by Blackbough Swim, which enhances her beauty.

From its classic cut to the modern, attention-grabbing details, Sophia Scrunched Top and Sofia Bottom - Berry Cherry is a beautiful blend of style and function. Its floral motif set against bright colors pays homage to traditional design while giving it an updated edge. A three-slit hook provides adjustable wear to find your perfect fit, while gathered accents on both top and bottom offer a soft texture with subtle detail.

Look #5 - Last but not least, a bikini by Camilla worn by Ashley van Beek

In this post, Ashley looks stunning in this Camilla's bikini set. It features a top with a deep V-neckline and adjustable straps for an optimal fit. The bottom features a low-rise design with gathered detailing on the sides, making it the perfect choice for a chic summer look. Ashley's enchanting bikini glows with a blend of arresting hues and alluring patterns, her loving expression suggesting that this is the moment to flourish and discard our anxieties.

Unfortunately, this particular bikini is not available anymore. Still with Camilla Swimwear it's easy to find alternatives if you can’t get your hands on this exact design. Blooming style is about feeling lively and confident while embracing your inner self. So let go of the past - it's time to bloom! 🌼🌸🌺.

As an alternative, we have picked the Peace Be With You bikini. This truly unique design, made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon ♻️, celebrates creativity and femininity. Its square-neck top with intricate detailing and bold colors stands out among a sea of midnight hues, illuminated by blooming peonies in canary tones, tulips wrapped in hypnotic hues, and lilac hydrangeas nestled among green leaves. The low-rise bottom has an adjustable elastic closure, providing the perfect fit for blooming in style this year.

Let's embrace life to the fullest and live each day as if it was our last! Inspiration for achieving a Blooming Style can be found in these five looks – ready, set, bloom like never before! 🌸🤗✨

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