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What Your Swimsuits Say About You - "Fabulous" Style (Part 1)

What does it mean to feel fabulous while wearing a new swimsuit for the first time?

Well, it depends on who’s asking the question, but in many parts of the world – especially in America – the word fabulous carries a special meaning.

Spoiler alert! It doesn't always mean pretty, gorgeous, or cute. Feeling fabulous means you're bursting with confidence in your individuality and not shy about showing it off this season. When you’re feeling and looking fabulous at the beach or by the pool, there’s no overly formal, snooty vibe or something wild screaming out for attention.

Instead, you’re at liberty to be OK with who you are on the inside and not worry so much about following the crowd and fitting in, especially when it comes to body image and how you want to present yourself. So many of us have been struggling to find ourselves in these stressful times, and it’s finally time to put those negative emotions to rest and enjoy ourselves again.

But don’t assume that the fabulous look is dripping with overtones of sexuality. Instead, it’s all about feeling empowered, self-aware, and happy with yourself and your place in the world.

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Photo: Agua by Agua Bendita Website

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So, with that in mind, here's how these five swimsuits pair perfectly with the Fabulous look this year. Any one of these designs would look fantastic on you if you’re ready to claim your freedom and be proud of your femininity.

Agua by Agua Bendita – Azucena Waraná Azul Bikini Top

For starters, we have the Azucena Waraná Azul bikini top from Colombian designer Agua by Agua Bendita. If you’re looking for a strappy two-piece this season, you can’t go wrong with this swimsuit. Check out the single over-the-shoulder strap and the crisscrossed ties at the midsection, but that’s not even the star of the show! This swimwear comes in jacquard fabric, a type you usually don’t see in ordinary swimwear.

Image of a model wearing a black bikini

Photo: Agua by Agua Bendita Website

The matching bottom piece is just as impressive, with a high waist that also creeps up the small of your back a bit. Notice that this designer chose to be bold and shy away from the cheeky-style bottoms you see everywhere on social media. That’s great if you want to show off the results of your workout routine, but for most of us, taking things down a notch is the better choice when we want to stay true to ourselves.

Bikini Lovers – Vittoria

Now, we move on to a two-piece bikini that has a real wow factor: the Vittoria by Italian designer Bikini Lovers. You get the classic triangle top but note the gold-toned ring in the top’s bust. It’s something we’re seeing more of as designers unveil their 2022 catalogs, but look out for those straps! Remember that the Fabulous look doesn’t mean you have to dress down. You can still be bold if you’re not afraid to be who you are without fear of judgment.

Even women with perfectly sculptured figures can have poor self-confidence, so a swimsuit like the Vittoria is excellent for breaking out and turning heads. The bottoms come in the high-rise variety or with the classic Brazilian cut high on the waist. You also stay with the strappy appeal with side-tie bottoms whether or not you choose to go cheeky or keep things on the timid side. Either way, you'll look and feel fabulous because this swimsuit is an absolute show stopper.

Triangl - Vinca Sherbet Stripe

Want to take the Fabulous look into a more colorful zone? If so, the Vinca Sherbet Stripe two-piece by Australian designer Triangl is just right for you. This swimsuit goes best for someone with a bright, energetic personality with "candy" colors that stand out in a crowd. Material-wise, you get terry toweling for a soft, comfortable feel, and the top doesn't try to do too much with the classic triangle cut.

Photo of Vinca Sherbet Stripe

But what makes this one-piece pop is the side-ties high on the waistline. You usually don't see side-tie bottoms that go this high up the leg, but leave it to the fashion geniuses at Triangl to take something familiar and transform it into something unique and identifiable. If you're looking to reclaim your inner beauty, this one is a safe choice that hits all the right buttons without going overboard.

Gooseberry Seaside – So Chic One Piece

Even if you're the more down-to-earth type of woman, you must notice when celebrities and social media influencers constantly sport the same designer. A great example is the So Chic One Piece by Bali based designer Gooseberry Seaside. Check out the plunging neckline and sculpted fit, which would go best on someone who wants to highlight their figure without delving too far into the sexual sphere – tricky to do in a swimsuit! But leave it to Gooseberry Seaside to find a way to make it all work in one design.

Photo of One_Piece_Rum-Photo_1

Photo: @Gooseberry

Also, take a close look at the high-cut briefs. A one-piece usually doesn't rise that high up the waist, especially when you add the plunging neckline that's absolutely stunning. The simplicity of this swimsuit is incredible, and it would work great for those with a more subtle personality. You still get the wow factor in the sleekness of the one-piece because all of the elements combine into something really unique and individual.

Miaou - Demi One-Piece

Until this point, we've kept things pretty straightforward because feeling fabulous and confident doesn't mean being wild and far out – unless that's your personality! If you want to stay within the Fabulous look but go for something with more color, you can't go wrong with Los Angeles based designer Miaou's Demi One-Piece.

Before we get into the details, let's start by saying that this is the costume worn by Maddy in Euphoria's pool scene, and who but she is the best testimonial for this style: feeling empowered, self-aware and happy with yourself and your place in the world.

There's a lot to like in this swimsuit but note the crisscrossed halter neckline.

Photo of Demi One Piece

Even bolder, the swimsuit is also backless, cut out in the midsection, high on the waist, and not too on the cheeky side of the spectrum. If you're looking to drop jaws on the floor when you enter a room, the Demi One-Piece is perfect for you. It hits all the right notes and doesn't try to do too much with its elements.

At the end of the day, any of these swimsuit designs go great with the Fabulous look. The only issue will be how to pair them with accessories to stay with the same vibe without getting too avant-garde. Leave that for the more sophisticated styles we feature on our site.

If you’d like to see other styles and learn more about swimwear, keep reading our Stories to see what else is in this season.

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