Black and White photo of Janaya Reimers

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Australian Model Jay Reimers Talks About Her Swimsuit Style

Janaya Reimers is a young Australian model with a focus on the environment and who loves nothing more than staying fit and healthy.

We discovered Jay on Instagram (she has over 14,000 followers) and she agreed to sit down with us to talk about style, life and the perfect beach look."I'm a swimsuit enthusiast," she told us, "I love taking long walks on the beach with my two puppies (Maya and Frankie) but I also like to relax, tanning while reading a book or a magazine."

This is your reminder to post, wear, look like whatever you want! Don’t allow judgement from anyone 🙅🏾‍♀️

Photo of Janaya Reimers on the beach wearing a pink bikini


Photo of Janaya Reimers on the beach wearing a pink pattern bikini

Photo: @sisu_photos

Photo of Janaya Reimers and Stella Barry in red swimsuit

Photo: Jacob Gawel

What is your favorite swimwear look and why?

"A classy bikini with a color that catches my eye. It's what I feel best and most comfortable in. I have a soft spot for Espinela swimwear. I love the original cuts and patterns they offer."

Photo of Janaya Reimers wearing a black bikini by Espinela Swimwear

Photo: @sisu_photos, @edge_models

What is the swimwear look that gives you the most confidence?

"I definitely prefer a natural look when it comes to beaches. I think less is more, so a simple bikini with some denim shorts and a nice open white shirt. I think it's so important that young women grow up confident in their own skin and not try to look like anyone but the best version of themselves."

Photo of Janaya Reimers on the beach wearing a black bikini and a white shits

Photo: @jessannbrownphotography

Do you have any swimsuit style advice for girls who have trouble finding the perfect swimsuit?

"The main advice I feel like giving is to not be afraid to show some skin! There is no better feeling than being confident in a swimsuit. I always apply a fake tan, which immediately boosts self-confidence. Also, don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses!"

A couple of weeks ago you posted the following: "This is your reminder to post, wear, and look the way you want! Don't let anyone judge you". You have a strong online following, how do you deal with everyone's opinions online?

"I am very grateful to have a strong online following that supports me. I would be nothing without them. However, there will always be haters and trolls no matter what you do in life. The best thing you can do is to ignore them and get over them. You can't control what others think/say, but you can control how you react. I just try to be the best version of myself and I hope this sets an example for others."

Photo of Janaya Reimers on the beach wearing a white bikini from Bonita Swim

Photo: @janayareimers

What are your thoughts on swimwear trends?

"I think it's important to be confident in your own skin and wear whatever swimsuit you feel comfortable in. Trends come and go, but confidence is always in fashion. That said personally I really like the very high leg cuts - such as Bonita Swim's I posted a few months ago - that particularly this year is back in fashion, and also the patterned floral designs when they are bold and vibrant, or the neon colors that were in vogue last year."

Photo of Janaya Reimers wearing a fluo bikini

Photo: @janayareimers

Last question: your favorite place to travel?

"My favorite place to travel is Fiji, because it is so tropical and you can spend every day in a bikini relaxing. I always feel very connected to the island. As they say, Fiji weather is the best weather!"

Photo of Jay Reimers and Stella Barry in one-piece swimsuit

Photo: Jacob Gawel

We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed interviewing Jay. Before we left Jay told us about her friendship with Stella, but we didn't let her tell us twice and asked our friend and talented photographer Jacob Gawel to shoot the two together. Stella is a swimsuit model from Melbourne who has some interesting advice on swimsuit styling for girls of all shapes and sizes. Stay tuned!

Jay insta profile: @janayareimers. Jay model agency: EDGE Model Management

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