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15 Groovy Crochet Swimwear Looks To Bring Out Your Inner Bohemian

From Flirty Bikinis to Tasteful One-Pieces: Which Crochet Swimwear Style Is Right for You?

Crochet swimwear is not just another passing trend, it’s a captivating piece of art. Each swimsuit is a unique creation, inspired by the carefree and spirited lifestyle of bohemians. The groovy designs are meticulously made with love and attention to detail, which makes them an exceptional addition to your summer wardrobe.

Whether you prefer vintage-inspired one-pieces or flirty bikinis, there is an array of styles for every bohemian babe out there. But with so many options to choose from, finding the perfect crochet swimsuit that resonates with your inner bohemian can be a daunting task.

Yet, worry not! We'll take you on a journey of exploring the various styles and help you find the perfect crochet swimsuit that will capture your heart and unleash your inner bohemian goddess.

Camila Queiroz wearing a crochet bikini

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Just be aware that finding the right fit for your body type is crucial when choosing a crochet bikini. Consider your bust size for maximal support and check the swimwear's suitability for water activities. Opt for waterproof and durable pieces to avoid any mishap and ensure you can rock the bohemian vibe all summer long. So, let's dive into 15 beautiful suggestions and find the perfect crochet swimsuit that brings out your inner bohemian.

GCDS - Hello Kitty Crochet

When it comes to fashion, Dua Lipa is one of our time's trendsetters. Recently Dua posted a photo of herself wearing this bikini during a recent beach vacation and she looked absolutely stunning.

The crochet style of the bikini embraces the natural curves of Dua's body, creating a flirty and feminine look that perfectly complements her fun-loving spirit. The bikini is made by the Italian brand GCDS and features a cute Hello Kitty design. This crochet bikini is a perfect blend of traditional craft and modern design, as it showcases intricate crochet work and playful elements that reflect Dua Lipa's personality.

Dua Lipa wearing Hello Kitty Crochet Bikini by GCDS

Photo: @dualipa

Hello Kitty Crochet Bikini

Photo: GCDS Website

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Kiini is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands when it comes to crochet bikinis, and it's not hard to see why. Their unique designs and gorgeous color combinations make them an instant hit amongst the fashion-loving crowd. Celebrities (Nina Dobrev, Bella Hadid, and Margot Robbie among others) are no exception, as many of them have been spotted wearing Kiini's crochet bikinis during their beach vacations.

Photo by Bella wearing  a Kliini bikini and pouring a drink

Photo: @bellahadid

Kiini bikini

Photo: @kiini

Nina Dobrev wearing a red bikini by Kiini

Photo: @nina

Margot Robbie wearing a pink bikini by Kiini

Photo: @margotrobbieofficial

What sets Kiini's crochet bikinis apart from others is their effortless blend of bohemian and modern style. The geometric patterns and mix-and-match color combinations make these bikinis a feast for the eyes.

Shondel - Coco Bustier and La Bon Bikini

In our previous article spotlighting Tatiana Panakal, one of Shondel's preferred models, we delved into the Australian brand known for crafting intricate crochet swimsuits and cover-ups. Shondel's swimsuits embody simplicity with a twist, with unexpected details like the stunning net version showcased by singer Sheenseea or the elegant mesh model worn by the Aussie influencer Madi Edwards. It's undeniable that adding one of Shondel's crochet swimsuits to your wardrobe would be a splendid acquisition.

Photo of shenseea-28

Photo: @shenseea

Photo of coco_bustier_-_lemon_sorbet-photo_1

Photo: @Shondel

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Photo of madi_edwards-93

Photo: @madi_edwards

Photo of la_bon_bikini_-_callipo-photo_2

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Akoia Swim - Monte Indigo Dip

Let me start by saying how much I love discovering handmade fashion that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design. And this is exactly what Akoia Swim, a Bali-based brand, has done with their latest creation - the Monte Indigo Dip bikini. This crochet bikini is a true masterpiece, made with organically grown indigo leaves, hand-dyed, and crocheted by Balinese women using traditional techniques passed down through generations. The result is a stunning Brazilian cut bikini that is both sexy and sustainable. What I find truly impressive is the time and dedication it takes to create just one piece. Each bikini can take up to ten days to complete, making it a true work of art.

Monte Indigo Dip Bikini

Photo: @akoiaswim

Photo of monte_indigo_dip-photo_1

Photo: @Akoia

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It's Memorial Day

"It's Memorial Day" is a crochet brand founded by Delsy Gouw, based in New York City and meticulously crafted in Indonesia. Launched in 2020, the vision of the label began taking shape with the help of independent women artisans, including Delsy's mother, in their native country of Indonesia. At the forefront of crocheting, each handmade piece from Memorial Day boasts a unique design. The brand's unmistakable check pattern, inspired by the playful style of the 1990s, has caught the attention of style icons such as Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, cementing its position as a timeless treasure within the crocheting community.

Kiko Mizuhara wearing a crochet bikini by Its Memorial Day

Photo: @i_am_kiko

Crochet bikini by Its Memorial Day

Photo: brandeeandrews

Monday Swimwear - Costa Rica Top and Antigua Bottom - Ivory Crochet

During my research in the world of crochet, I stumbled upon a striking bikini that immediately piqued my interest - the elegant crochet bikini designed by Monday Swimwear.

This bikini features a classic crochet pattern with contemporary fashion trends, making it an ideal choice for any fashion-forward beach enthusiast. Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, best friends, and Instagram bloggers founded Monday Swimwear in 2014 out of their passion for bikinis and a desire to create swimwear for varying body types and complexions.

Today, Monday Swimwear is a sought-after swimwear brand that combines comfort, style, and quality. The chic bandeau top of this particular bikini boasts a contemporary twist with a modern ring placed in the center, elevating its elegance to a timeless level. To further enhance its beauty, the trendy high-cut bottoms are cleverly designed to elongate the legs, making this already stunning piece even more stylish.

Photo of grace_lange-76

Photo: @gracelange

Photo of costa_rica_top_-_ivory_crochet-photo_5

Photo: @Monday_Swimwear

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Indah Clothing - Cyprus Top and Tarifa Bottom

Last year, I stumbled upon this stunning photo from SI Swimsuit and couldn't help but fall in love with the gorgeous Manju Bangalore. The 24-year-old California native is not only Miss World California 2019, but also a physicist, actor, writer, and founder of two non-profit organizations, Operation Period and Painting with Parkinson's. Currently, she is working as a physicist and scientist-astronaut candidate with Project PoSSUM. Manju looks absolutely stunning in this beautiful crochet bikini by Indah Clothing. Indah, which means beauty in the Indonesian language, is known for its innovative designs and vibrant textiles. The company draws inspiration from an international community of artists, travelers, and local beauty, and is created and produced on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.

Photo of manju_bangalore-95

Photo: @astronautmanju

This year marks Indah's 20th anniversary, and its best-selling bikini is now available also in this trendy and groovy pattern.

Photo of tarifa_bottom-photo_6

Photo: Indah Clothing Website

Photo of tarifa_bottom-photo_2

Photo: Indah Clothing Website

Solid and Striped - The Cheyenne One Piece

If you are in search of a swimsuit that recalls the 60s cut of certain tankinis, with a modern interpretation and contemporary colors, you cannot neglect to consider this proposition by Solid and Striped. The American brand, always a favorite among influencers and celebrities worldwide, presents one of its best sellers in this new proposal, which I find particularly captivating. We were already convinced of the black and white version, so much so that we included it as one of the looks in our "Fierce" collection, and this new color choice is even more compelling.

Post tagging Solidandstriped, Briannellink

Photo: @myswimlook

Photo of the_cheyenne-photo_1

Photo: @Solid_and_Striped

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She Made Me - Naira Top and Essential High Waisted Bottom

To me, what makes this bikini even more special is the brand behind it. She Made Me focuses on traditional craft and human connection, which is reflected in their handmade crochet pieces. This brand is not simply following the fast-paced fashion industry, but creating timeless pieces that exude a sense of free-spiritedness and nostalgia.

The "Naira" crop bikini top has a unique and trendy design that is perfect for the beach. The low, square neckline adds a touch of elegance to this playful piece, while the delicate open crochet detailing throughout gives it a fun and flirty feel.

The "Essential" high-waisted bikini bottom offers a comfortable fit with a high rise that flatters the figure, and a low leg line that complements the style of the top. The intricate open crochet detailing along the waist and sides is showcased by the partially lined bottom.

Ganni - Blue Racerback Top and String Briefs

The Danish fashion brand, Ganni, brings you a crochet bikini set that merges style and a sporty look.

Made entirely from certified organic cotton, this bikini top offers both comfort and environmental consciousness. The slim-fit design offers sleek and elegant lines, with a round neckline and racerback detail. The zip closure offers a functional and secure fit, while the embroidered Ganni logo adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

The sporty details of the bikini give off a contemporary vibe that provides a unique edge that sets it apart. With impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, the crochet bikini is a testament to Ganni's design excellence.

Blue Crochet Raceback Top and String Bottom

Photo: Ganni Website

Blue Crochet Raceback Top and String Bottom

Photo: Ganni Website

Andi Bagus

If you have been following us for a while, you will know that we are absolute admirers of Andi Bagus.

The crochet bikini collection proposed by Andi Bagus truly reflects all that we adore about this brand, which moreover comes at a very reasonable price point. The ability of Andi Bagus to blend playful elements with daring proposals, all while maintaining the signature traditional charm of the island of Bali, is both remarkable and captivating.

It is truly challenging to select amongst the numerous options that Andi Bagus offers when it comes to crochet bikinis; I find myself wanting to purchase them all! Here is a small selection, though I encourage you to visit the website to find the piece that best aligns with your current mood.

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

@jenseletr wearing emoji crochet bikini by Andi Bagus

Photo: @jenselter

Lombok Bikini

Photo: Andi Bagus Website

Barbara Bikini in pink color

Photo: Andi Bagus Website

JMP the Label - Cali Keyhole Top and Cozumel Bottom

Juliette Porter is an American influencer, entrepreneur, and TV personality who has made a name for herself on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Born and raised in Florida, this fashion and travel enthusiast has successfully launched her swimwear line, JMP the Label, which is an earthy-chic swimwear collection designed to ooze luxury, style, and elegance. In this post, Juliette is wearing a stunning crochet bikini with a high-neck halter top. The top features a large keyhole cutout at the front and an open back with ties for adjustability. The bikini is handmade and comes all the way from Bali, showing off the artsy craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

The color pattern of the bikini is earthy and chic with brown and ivory color blocking along with natural wood beading for a little extra flavor. The bottoms are also tie-side with the same color block pattern and offer medium coverage.

Frankies Bikinis - Chloe Top and Mackenzie Bottom

This bikini by Frankies Bikinis is a stunning addition to any summer wardrobe. Made from an ultra-soft ruby red crochet fabric, this top's design features a signature triangle bodice that accentuates and flatters natural curves. Its thin straps provide the flexibility to create a customized fit that ensures comfort while lounging in the sun.

The adjustability and versatility of this model make it an ideal choice for those seeking a bikini top that can be paired with the matching Mackenzie bikini bottom for a complete set, but it can also be mixed and matched with other bikini bottoms to create a unique and personalized look.

Photo of chloe_triangle_crochet_bikini_top_-_ruby-photo_1

Photo: @Frankies_Bikinis

Photo of chloe_triangle_crochet_bikini_top_-_ruby-photo_5

Photo: @Frankies_Bikinis

Photo of mackenzie_string_crochet_bikini_bottom_-_ruby-photo_5

Photo: @Frankies_Bikinis

Photo of mackenzie_string_crochet_bikini_bottom_-_ruby-photo_1

Photo: @Frankies_Bikinis

VDM the Label - Gypsy Top and Delilah Bottom

With a focus on attention to detail and commitment to sustainability, VDM the Label has quickly garnered a reputation as a top Australian fashion brand. Founded by Allanah Van Der Mey in 2018, each piece of clothing reflects the brand's commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

This stunning two-piece features a gorgeous crochet design that's both feminine and fashionable. The top boasts a triangle shape, halter top, and custom beading, while the bottom features an adjustable tie side and a medium/minimal coverage Brazilian cut. Both pieces are lined with ECONYL nylon, which reduces waste by using recycled fishing nets.

Photo of delilah_mushroom_bottom-photo_6

Photo: @VDM_the_Label

Photo of delilah_mushroom_bottom-photo_5

Photo: @VDM_the_Label

Photo of gypsy_mushroom_top-photo_1

Photo: @VDM_the_Label

Photo of delilah_mushroom_bottom-photo_1

Photo: @VDM_the_Label

Anna Kosturova - Bella Bikini and Dreamcatcher Monokini

Anna Kosturova is a fashion designer known for her exquisite and bohemian-inspired swimwear and beachwear. The Bella bikini, one of her iconic designs, is truly a work of art. The sliding triangle bra features an intricate, lacy rosette stitch trim that delicately frames the neckline and straps. The bottom adorned with the same delicate, lacy rosette stitch trim seen on the topi has a V-shaped cut that flatters the figure and accentuates curves in all the right places.

Photo of dreamcatcher_monokini-photo_1

Photo: Anna Kosturova Website

Photo of dreamcatcher_monokini-photo_2

Photo: @Anna_Kosturova

Let's talk about an amazing swimsuit in the crochet world, the "Dreamcatcher" monokini designed by Anna Kosturova, to wrap up this trip. This particular swimsuit gained popularity when Jessica Gomez wore it in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue of 2014. Despite being a decade old, it is still being made and, in my opinion, it is one of the most attractive and beautiful monokinis ever created. This proves that crochet swimsuits have become a timeless piece in the wardrobe of anyone who loves swimwear, rather than a passing trend.

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