Katherinne Rodriguez wearing a black micro bikini by Andi Bagus

Photo: @kathimodelofficial

This Summer’s Most Daring Trend: Where to Find the Hottest Micro Bikinis in 2024

Where to Shop the Look: Top Designers and Boutiques for Barely-There Swimwear in 2024

While browsing this season’s latest swimwear collections, I noticed that many of the most popular styles had one thing in common; they are tiny this year. Like, microkini tiny.

If you’re new to the term, a microkini is “barely-there” swimwear, meant to show off as much skin as possible. It is the greatest love of chronic sunbathers, and for good reason. Such little fabric minimizes sunlines and looks just risque enough to turn heads while still covering all the important bits.

For many, the mention of a microkini is met with skepticism and raised eyebrows. And I get it. The idea of wearing such minimal swimwear can seem daunting at first glance. However, I invite you to suspend your judgment while I tell you all about the history of this cheeky swimsuit style.

The History of the Microkini

During the 1950s, the fashion world opened up more to experimental designs. Brigette Bardot was among the first young women to proudly wear a modern iteration of the classic bikini. The world was scandalized by her photoshoots, but the bikini caught on quickly. By the end of the decade, bikinis were a staple for any trendy woman’s wardrobe.  The experimentation really picked up in the 1960s, amidst the fervor of the sexual revolution and women's liberation movement. As societal norms underwent unprecedented shifts, so too did the world of fashion. A notable visionary behind this swimwear revolution was Rudi Gernreich, an Austrian-American fashion designer renowned for his avant-garde creations. In 1964, Gernreich unveiled the monokini, a revolutionary swimsuit that boldly bared the breasts. Although the monokini caused a stir with its design, it laid the groundwork for the emergence of similarly bold swimwear styles.

Polaroid of the original monokini designed by Rudi Gernreich in 1964

Photo: @rudigernreich

The origins of the true “microkini” started in the 1970s with the Brazilian bikini. Rose di Primo, a famous Brazilian model, is often credited as the inventor of the string bikini. As the story goes, she did not have enough money to buy a swimsuit for a photoshoot, so she sewed one herself using as little fabric as possible. The end result was the extremely popular style we know and love today.

Model Rose di Primo in bikini

Photo: Armação de Búzios, RJ

Model Rose di Primo on a motorbike

Photo: Pierdeipanema.com

The trends of the 90s evolved the string bikini into its modern form. Extreme silhouettes emerged in response to fashion cycling back to previous decades. Skirts got shorter, shirts became tighter, and the waistlines drifted lower and lower. It was the perfect time for the bikini to start losing fabric in favor of showing off more gorgeous, tanned skin. The original modern example of a microkini on the runway is Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Spring 1996 runway show worn by Stella Tennant. It was a famous testament to the extreme styles of the 90s and Lagerfeld’s innovative mind.

Microkini by Chanel in 1996

Photo: undefined

At present, there is a budding interest in incorporating nature back into our wardrobes. Naturally (excuse the pun), this includes our bodies in their purest forms. Smaller swimsuits reflect our increasing demand for women to have agency over our own bodies, especially in light of the past few years’ political climate.

Kendal Jenner wearing a bikini by Deparel

Photo: @kendalljenner

Hailey Bieber wearing a bikini by Miaou

Photo: @haileybieber

Veronika Rajek wearing a micro bikini by Andi bagus

Photo: @veronikarajek

In today's digital age,  social media platforms undeniably shape fashion trends. The micro bikini, with its minimal fabric and daring design, has found fertile ground on Instagram and TikTok, where visual content reigns supreme and the microkini emerges as an emblem of modern femininity.

Icons like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber effortlessly embody this trend, showcasing how these garments can be worn with elegance and poise. However, the micro bikini also sparks debate, challenging traditional notions of modesty and the appropriateness of such revealing attire in public spaces. While some view these fashion choices as liberating, others critique them for perpetuating unrealistic body standards.

Where to Find the Best Microkinis

Now that I’ve piqued your interest, I’m sure you’re wondering exactly where to find one of these tiny two-pieces. If you’re still skeptical, you’ll want to check out our picks anyway (they’re seriously hot).

This season, there are ample choices with a print for every personality and coverage that ranges from itsy to bitsy. Read on to find out which brands are offering up the best micro bikinis this summer.

Frankie’s Bikinis

Frankie’s got it all. I’m not sure exactly who Frankie is, but judging by her bikinis, I’d say she’s classy, she’s bold, and she has just enough feminine allure to keep ‘em on their toes. If you don’t find a bikini you like from their catalog, I’d be surprised. This female-led lifestyle brand is based in Los Angeles, and it shows. Their style has this all-American quality that feels like watching fireworks on Venice Beach in mid-July.

Frankie’s has tons of string microkinis in bold prints like cherry, rose, and gingham. If you’re looking for a simpler style, they offer their standard bikinis in neutral and primary colors.


We need to talk about Lovewave. They were a total surprise to me this year because it’s like they came out of nowhere. Although they’re a smaller brand, if you check out Instagram, you’ll find that they’ve been taking the bikini world by storm this season. It totally makes sense. It’s like they took all the fun of summer and poured it into their tiny swimsuits. Their microkinis are next-level. Think sleek cuts, bold colors, and just the right amount of skin. These babies are guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you’re vacationing for the summer.


If you’re looking for something more luxurious, Oséree might be the perfect match for you. This Italian swimwear brand features designs that look straight from the fashion houses on Mount Olympus. Plus their designs actually have touched the gods (or as close to it as we can get). They’ve collaborated with celebrities like Rihanna, Dua Lipa, and the Queen herself, Beyonce.

@karinaxjohnson in Red Roses Microkini by Oseree

Photo: @karinaxjohnson

Red Roses Mirokini

Photo: Oseree

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Bananhot has a bohemian appeal for the chic maximalists out there. Maybe it’s a little ironic to refer to any microkini as maximalist, but Bananhot does it right by offering bold paisley prints and interesting hardware like their signature chains and silver links.


Montce is for the girls. Their styles are feminine and classic, offering many coverage options from full one-pieces to barely-there. Their selection of microkinis offers tastefully coquettish, lacey, and delicate pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

@melody_yates wearing a bikini by Montce

Photo: @melody_yates

Asul Cream Binded Euro Bow Bikini Top by Montce

Photo: Montce


Miaou offers the best of many worlds with collections inspired by a life lived moving between Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. The microkinis offered by Miaou have a metropolitan edge to them. They're sexy, sleek, and have just enough edge to make you the coolest babe on the beach. 

Andi Bagus

The thing that I love about Andi Bagus is that these microkinis follow a simple philosophy- minimal coverage, and elevated design. Known best for crochet knits, this brand proves that they can handle designing even a microkini like a pro. You'll find a suit for every mood, personality, and occasion in their extended collection.

The Bali-based brand has an entire section dedicated to micro bikinis where for sure you can find inspiration. These bikinis are only available in one size (micro), so the coverage will vary depending on your body type.

Katherinne Rodriguez wearing a black micro bikini by Andi Bagus

Photo: @kathimodelofficial

Deuce Micro Bikini in Black and Pumpkin by Andi Bagus

Photo: Andi Bagus

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Liquorice Crochet Bikini  by Andi Bagus

Photo: Andi Bagus

Liquorice Crochet Bikini  by Andi Bagus

Photo: Andi Bagus

Liquorice Crochet Bikini  by Andi Bagus

Photo: Andi Bagus

Liquorice Crochet Bikini  by Andi Bagus

Photo: Andi Bagus

And if you were wondering, here is the micro bikini worn by Veronika Rajek (Tom Brady's famous superfan) against the splendid backdrop of the island of Capri. It is aptly named the Inferno (an Italian word meaning 'Hell') micro bikini. And let me give you a small piece of advice—the back of this bikini is not micro; it's nonexistent. It's a string bikini in the truest sense of the word, so wear it at your own risk...

Inferno Micro Bikini by Andy Bagus

Photo: Andi Bagus

Inferno Micro Bikini by Andy Bagus

Photo: Andi Bagus

Deparel Studio

Sometimes, luxury is a labor of love. This studio based in Amsterdam designs, manufactures, and mails every piece by hand from deadstock. Their Knitkinis feature a design so unique that not even Kendall Jenner could resist their charm. 

Kendal Jenner wearing a bikini by Deparel

Photo: @kendalljenner

A micro bikini by Deparel

Photo: Deparel

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Kendal Jenner wearing a bikini by Deparel

Photo: @kendalljenner

A micro bikini by Deparel

Photo: Deparel

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Wear Your Microkini Proudly

As I think about microkinis, I find it more and more amazing how they've come to embody a sense of liberation and self-expression that resonates deeply in our modern world.

And you know what? I'm pretty sure they'll keep shaking things up in the fashion scene for a long time to come. There is no doubt that they are becoming a staple of swimwear collections worldwide, carving out their own niche for future decades.

What sets microkinis apart isn't just their size, but the confidence they inspire in their wearers. Contrary to popular belief, these barely-there swimsuits aren't solely reserved for models or people with "perfect" bodies. Instead, they invite anyone daring enough to proudly strut their stuff. Whether you're curvy, athletic, or somewhere in between, there's a microkini out there for you.

While I’ve still got you here, I have one final question to ask. Now that you know everything there is to know about these miniature bikinis, tell me- are you brave enough to try one?

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