Vaishali S Cuture Set

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Aureta Thomollari's Swimwear Looks: Where Luxury Meets Beach Glamour

Aureta Thomollari's Swimwear Enigma: A Close Look at the Genius Transforming Beachside Elegance

Aureta Thomallari is a prominent name in the American creative director community. Of Albanian origin, the model and influencer Aureta manages an Instagram account, @aureta, that is a strong source of inspiration, not only for swimwear. Among other things, she is the founder of an eyewear brand, Grand Azur and her style is truly unmistakable due to the richness of her combinations and the originality of color pairings. We have already featured some of her looks on our Instagram profile, but in this article, we want to delve into detail and analyze some posts from the past year to provide you with a truly unique source of inspiration.

In an interview from about two years ago with Vogue, she said, "Personal style as it pertains to fashion is a physical and emotional outpouring of how you want to feel in a particular moment. It’s both a privilege and an art and I’ve been fortunate over the years to mirror my love for artistic creativity, traveling, and enjoying life through what I choose to wear".

I believe that this statement is something every woman should consider when seeking to personalize their beachwear look to convey a strong message about themselves. Yes, I am aware that many of her looks may not be suitable for an everyday trip to the beach, but nonetheless, striving for a bold look that reflects your zest for life is something everyone should aspire to achieve.

The cover photo we've chosen features Aureta wearing a creation by the Indian designer Vaishali S. Although it's not swimwear, this exceptional embroidered top beautifully highlights Aureta Thomollari's stunning appearance.

Aureta wearing fantasy swimsuit by Patbo

Photo: @aureta

Aureta wearing El Tigre bikini by Gonza

Photo: @shop_gonza

Aureta wearing a floral bikini

Photo: @aureta

This article will explore some of Aureta Thomollari's most stunning swimwear looks. Each piece has been carefully selected to showcase the perfect blend of luxury and beach-ready style.

Rose Bandeau Top and Rose 90S Bottom - Same

Many of Aureta's beach looks are from LA-based brand Same. We believe her friendship with Shea Marie, the influencer and founder of Same, has likely impacted her choices.

Indeed, for Aureta's non-conformist style, some of Same's models are the ideal choice, such as the Rose Bandeau Top and Rose 90S Bottom worn in this post, paired with a fabulous hat. We've already discussed this model in our previous article, 'The Noir Rivalry: Black Bikinis vs. Black One Piece Swimsuit - Who is the Winner,' and we are really in love with the three-dimensional rose bloom embellishment that elevates the bandeau top to new heights.

Aureta wearing Rose Bandeau Top from Same

Photo: @aureta

Rose Bandeau Top (Faux Suede Black/Cream) and Rose 90S Bottom (Faux Suede Black/Cream) from Same

Photo: Same Website

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Double Layer Top and Double Layer Bottom - Same

Also from Same, Aureta showcases this look, which she has featured in other posts as well. In this ensemble, the Double Layer bikini, designed to mimic the look of swimsuit layering, harmonizes perfectly with the color coordination chosen for the hat and an extra-large white linen cover-up shirt. It's a chic combination for a truly captivating look.

Bowie Floral Wetsuit - Cynthia Rowley

Looking at Aureta's Instagram account, not only in her swimwear choices but also in her other posts, I didn't expect to come across a surf wetsuit among her offerings. I was promptly proven wrong... for a sporty look that doesn't shy away from showcasing your bold character, here's a splendid swimsuit by Cynthia Rowley where the plain and functional design is elevated by a stunning floral printed pattern, featuring an all-over blue graphic that is both eye-catching and feminine.

Aureta wearing a surfsuit

Photo: @aureta

Bowie Floral Wetsuit from Cynthia Rowley

Photo: Cynthia Rowley Website

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Cherry Bomb Tulle Triangle Bikini With Ties - Adriana Degreas

I had no doubts that as I delved into Aureta's world, I would come across Adriana Degreas. When you combine the creativity and originality of the Brazilian designer with Aureta's artistic approach, the results can only be astounding. For an extremely provocative yet never tasteless look, here's the Cherry Bomb bikini by Adriana Degreas.

Aureta wering a bikini top by Adriana Degreas

Photo: @aureta

Cherry Bomb Tulle Triangle Bikini With Ties from Adriana Degreas

Photo: Adriana Degreas Website

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V Underwire Bra (Blue Geo) and Ruched Bottom (Blue Geo) - Same

In a symphony of playfulness and exquisite elegance, the splendid pattern of this bikini effortlessly harmonizes with azure-tinted eyeglasses and a long-sleeved, feathered top. A sophisticated ensemble that illustrates the artistic essence of Aureta, a true connoisseur of opulent living.

If you want to recreate it, the feathered sleeves are a beautiful offering from Cult Gaia. Be careful, this look can be addictive! :-)

El Tigre Bralette Top and El Tigre Ruched Bottom - Gonza

Gonza, a swimwear brand established by the visionary Ryan Horne, proudly embraces its status as a black-owned business. Renowned for its vibrant neon-hued swimsuits and its captivating abstract motifs, Gonza consistently delivers a style that transcends boundaries. As exemplified by this stunning tiger-patterned bikini, Gonza's repertoire is anything but ordinary, as you'll soon discover, this isn't the sole occasion where Aureta flaunts this captivating brand.

The animal-inspired print injects a touch of untamed allure into your beachside ensemble, while the luxuriously smooth and stretchy double-layered power mesh ensures a snug and comfortable fit. If you're seeking a boldly wild aesthetic for your swimwear, look no further—this bikini from Gonza is the perfect choice to unleash your inner style beast.

Amor Bralette Top and Amor Ruched Bottom - Gonza

I am particularly drawn to this post, which showcases all of Aureta's creativity. Gonza's red bikini is undeniably stunning, but here it is elevated by Aureta's knack for pairing accessories that transform an already perfect look into something extraordinary.

Goleta - Maygel Coronel

The Goleta swimwear set by Maygel Coronel is the epitome of beach chic. This ensemble effortlessly captures the essence of coastal charm with its serene neutral color palette, infusing a generous dose of sophistication created by the ruffled straps.

Aureta wearing a bikini by Maygel Coronel

Photo: @aureta

Goleta from Maygel Coronel

Photo: Maygel Coronel Website

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Daydreamer Plunge Bodysuit X Harrods (Exclusive) - PatBO

Aureta wearing fantasy swimsuit by Patbo

Photo: @aureta

I believe that this look perfectly encapsulates Aureta's desire to astonish. Certainly not your everyday attire for a casual beach outing with friends, but if you aspire to be the center of attention and elicit a surefire dose of admiration, I believe this ensemble curated by Patrizia Bonaldi, the creative genius behind PatBo, is truly unparalleled.

Regrettably, this one-piece swimsuit is no longer available in PatBo's current collection. However, I present to you another incredible design, and I am eager to see how you can reinvent your style to be just as incredible as Aureta's.

Daydreamer Plunge Bodysuit X Harrods (Exclusive) from PatBO

Photo: PatBO Website

Daydreamer Plunge Bodysuit X Harrods (Exclusive) from PatBO

Photo: PatBO Website

Daydreamer Plunge Bodysuit X Harrods (Exclusive) from PatBO

Photo: PatBO Website

Daydreamer Plunge Bodysuit X Harrods (Exclusive) from PatBO

Photo: PatBO Website

Gold Chain Triangle (Zebra) and Gold Chain Brief (Zebra) - Same

Given Aureta's passion for jewelry and her creative involvement in designing statement pieces, I was confident I would come across a post that celebrated Same's collection featuring oversized gold chains. The black and white zebra-printed model is perfect for those who wish to make their look simultaneously opulent and audacious.

Double Layer Top (Blue/Mediterranean Stripe) and Double Layer Bottom (Blue/Mediterranean Stripe) - Same

Same has released another swimwear design that appears to feature two swimsuits layered on top of each other. This time, we leave behind the purples and reds for a more traditional sky blue, yet the outcome remains identical: a playful yet exceptionally elegant look.

Oleo Underwire Top and Oleo Cheeky Side Tie Bottom - Gonza

Another captivating offering from Gonza comes in the form of this exquisite camouflage motif by Gonza. The abstract design masterfully blends colors with a continuous infusion of red, making it an absolute must-have for a wardrobe that seeks to stand out from the ordinary. Gonza's abstract patterns are always anything but ordinary, and this bikini is certainly no exception.

The Lady Bra (Navy/Cream Stripe) - Same

If you search for Aureta on Pinterest or Google, this look is one of the first results you'll find. The reason is evident: this Same design exudes incredible elegance by blending the timeless allure of navy blue with a distinctly nautical striped pattern. Act quickly, as this model is almost sold out, and it may not be restocked.

Beatriz Tank One-Piece Requin Bleu 23E/Percale | Eres - Eres Paris

The Beatriz Tank One-Piece swimsuit by the well-known and iconic French brand Eres Paris emanates a classic and stylish retro vibe. The functional front zip and contrasting edging pay homage to the brand's archives, while the under-bust seam ensures optimal support and comfort.

Aureta wearing a black swimsuit

Photo: @aureta

Beatriz Tank One-Piece - Black

Photo: Farfetch website

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Galaxy Underwire Top With Rings and Galaxy Bikini Bottom With Metal Rings - Monica Hansen

Aureta wearing a ring gold bikini

Photo: @aureta

I recently wrote this article on the metallic swimsuit trend during the summer of 2023: Dive into the Metallic Wave: 12 Swimwear's Glossy New Looks.

The gold effect had been more of a trend we witnessed in the previous year, and this post by Aureta hails from that period.

What we have seen on other posts from Aureta is her usual penchant for opulent looks adorned with luxurious accessories and jewelry, however, in this particular post, she skillfully contrasts the immersive richness of the swimsuit with a near absence of accessories.

It's a lesson worth learning - when the swimsuit itself conveys the message, sometimes it's best to let it speak for itself.

While we couldn't identify the exact model worn by Aureta, it could possibly be a creation from Cut Gaia a few years ago. But if you're looking to replicate this look, Monica Hansen's summer 2023 swimsuit collection is undeniably magnificent.

Galaxy Underwire Top With Rings and Galaxy Bikini Bottom With Metal Rings from Monica Hansen

Photo: Monica Hansen Website

Galaxy Underwire Top With Rings and Galaxy Bikini Bottom With Metal Rings from Monica Hansen

Photo: Monica Hansen Website

Galaxy Underwire Top With Rings and Galaxy Bikini Bottom With Metal Rings from Monica Hansen

Photo: Monica Hansen Website

Galaxy Underwire Top With Rings and Galaxy Bikini Bottom With Metal Rings from Monica Hansen

Photo: Monica Hansen Website

Red Puff Sleeve Bodysuit - Fe Noel

Fe Noel is a Brooklyn-based women's wear brand founded by Felisha Noel, a designer with a passion for vibrant colors, bold prints, and unconventional shapes. This stunning red one-piece swimsuit boasts an alluring cut-out design and extraordinary maxi-puffed sleeves, elevating your beachwear collection to an aura of charm and luxurious taste.

Aureta wearing a neon purple swimsuit

Photo: @aureta

Red Puff Sleeve Bodysuit from Fe Noel

Photo: Fe Noel Website

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Luck Of The Draw One Piece Black - White Fox

Aureta wearing a black one-piece swimsuit

Photo: @aureta

I must confess... this one-piece swimsuit absolutely drives me wild! Regrettably, I couldn't pinpoint the exact model worn by Aureta, but I'm delighted to present you with this equally stunning alternative by the Australian brand White Fox Boutique. If you're in search of a beach look that exudes self-confidence, let yourself be seduced by this style of swimsuit.

Luck Of The Draw One Piece Black from White Fox

Photo: White Fox Website

Luck Of The Draw One Piece Black from White Fox

Photo: White Fox Website

Luck Of The Draw One Piece Black from White Fox

Photo: White Fox Website

Luck Of The Draw One Piece Black from White Fox

Photo: White Fox Website

Volley - Ivory / Sporting Red - One-Piece Swimsuit – Medina - Medina Swimwear

If you find Aureta's ideas too bold or perhaps too lavish and you seek a look that's more sophisticated than daring, here's an option that will leave you anything but indifferent. This ivory-colored swimsuit by Medina, with its striking red accents along the edges and a waist belt with the signature pin buckle and embroidered eyelets, to accentuate your perfection, is the quintessence of charm.

Aureata wearing a White Swimsuit in a swimmiing pool

Photo: @aureta

Volley - Ivory / Sporting Red - One-Piece Swimsuit – Medina from Medina Swimwear

Photo: Medina Swimwear Website

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Vienna One Piece - Rielli Swimwear

We conclude our exploration of creative ideas for your beach looks with a must-have crinkle swimsuit that belongs in your wardrobe. Here, we depart from the understated sophistication of natural hues to introduce a neon color that was all the rage in 2023. This model, known as Ibiza by Rielli Swimwear, has succeeded in the new collection by another named Vienna, equally beautiful and vibrant. It offers a look that's deceptively understated but incredibly functional and captivating.

Aureta wearing a green swimsuit by Rielli

Photo: @aureta

Vienna One Piece from Rielli Swimwear

Photo: Rielli Swimwear Website

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Aureta Thomollari's swimwear looks are the perfect blend of luxury and beach glamour. From the understated elegance of the Rose Bandeau Top and Rose 90S Bottom from Same to the playful sophistication of the Cherry Bomb Tulle Triangle Bikini With Ties from Adriana Degreas, each piece has its own unique charm. So, why settle for ordinary swimwear when you can make a statement with Aureta Thomollari's swimwear looks?

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