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Me and this bikini: a love story.

Looking gorgeous and fashionable is always the main goal.

Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and many other models and it-girls like Gigi and Bella Hadid are some of the most important and followed fashion icons. Every girl wants to be like them, every guy would like to date them. Being fashion icons makes them trendsetters in the industry, and the bikini world is no exception as they are some of everyone’s favorite pieces of clothing. Girls and women of all ages look up to the styles they wear, no matter how comfortable they might be, looking gorgeous and fashionable is always the main goal.

Brands, creative directors, and independent designers from all over the world are all looking to be the ones dressing celebrities, working to have their designs worn on the runways, innovating in the summer swim industry, and being part of the latest fashion trends.

Kali Uchis wearing Louisa Ballou Sex Wax swimsuit

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Fanny Bourdette-Donon and Bella Hadid wearing sexwax one piece swimsuit by Louisa Ballou

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Nowadays, designers along with their models want to switch things up and create swimwear pieces that stand out from what we're used to seeing. People don't want to just wear the classic triangle bikini, they want to upgrade it, they want to look hot, sexy, and desirable in their own skin.

Just like Kendall Jenner said in her Instagram post back in 2020, "me and this bikini: a love story" bikinis are more than just pieces of fabric to wear during the summer. How you wear them and how they make you feel go beyond the bikini itself. Memories, feelings, emotions, energies, vibes, smiles, and everything that emerges from wearing that trendy bikini that you're so passionate about, sums into a love story. But, to bond with your bikini and have that summer love story that everybody dreams about, you need to find the perfect bikini for you. You need to find the style that best fits your body type, the trend that makes you feel more comfortable, and the brand that shares the same values as you do. Let's talk a little more about how you can find the best bikini for you and how MySwimLook can be your Cupid and help you match with the perfect summer piece for you.

Get to know the latest and upcoming swimwear trends

Bikinis and beachwear are staples in every wardrobe when summer comes. For the last couple of years, we see bikini trends turning more and more exotic and controversial. Celebrities and it-girls are leading the pack in this area, posting pictures wearing controversial swimsuit designs and looking hotter than ever in them.

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Let's talk more about the upside-down bikini trend, which is the one we see in Kendall Jenner's post. By far, this was the most popular trend back in 2021, and for the looks of it, in 2022 it's not going anywhere. This popular way to wear your bikini allows you to have lots of other creative styles and keep your old bikinis in rotation for your trips to come.

Find the best bikini style for you

But the triangle bikinis and the upside-down bikini trend is not the only one in the market. There are countless other trendy styles for you to choose from. MySwimLook offers 7 different styles for you to choose from: Blooming, Fierce, "Fascinante" (the Spanish word for fascinating), Fabulous, "Charmant" (the French word for beautiful and elegant), "Bellissima" (the Italian word for beautiful) and Sporty.

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