Floral printed Bikini by Lenny Niemeyer

Photo: Lenny Niemeyer Website

20 Latin American Swimwear Brands to Watch: The Ultimate Guide

Uncovering the Craftsmanship and Culture Behind the Best Latin American Swimwear Brands.

As I explored Latin American swimwear brands, I discovered a world of vibrant colors, intricate designs, and rich cultural heritage. Each of the twenty brands I encountered was a unique representation of the region's mix of cultures and styles, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create high-end swimwear and beachwear collections that exuded a rare sense of sophistication and elegance.

The natural background of South America played a significant role in defining the aesthetic of these brands, with the lush rainforests, turquoise waters, and golden sands serving as a constant source of inspiration for designers. From the Amazonian flora and fauna to the exotic landscapes of the Caribbean, the colors and textures of the region were celebrated in every piece, with prints ranging from bold and graphic to delicate and intricate.

Brindle Straight Neckline Bandeau One Piece - Agua de Coco

Photo: @aguadecoco

Floral print bikini by Patbo

Photo: @patbo

Four women wearing Blue man swimwear

Photo: Blue Man Website

But it wasn't just the natural beauty of the region that inspired these designers. Latin American culture is rich and diverse, with a unique blend of indigenous, African, and European influences that have shaped everything from the music to the cuisine. This cultural mix was reflected in the swimwear collections, with traditional motifs and patterns reinterpreted in fresh and modern ways. From the bold and colorful designs of Agua Bendita, to the innovative and youthful spirit of Blue Man, and from the retro-inspired bikinis of Adriana Degreas to the sophisticated style of Lenny Niemeyer, each brand has its own unique interpretation of the Latin American aesthetic.

Most of these brands are from Colombia and Brazil, countries that have established themselves as leaders in the swimwear industry due to their excellent manufacturing practices and sea culture. Recently, many of these designers have taken the initiative to create sustainable pieces using upcycled fabrics and biodegradable packaging. Some have also opted for ethical, locally staffed factories and ateliers, contributing to a circular production process that delivers eco-conscious and socially conscious fashion.

Adriana Degreas

Adriana Degreas is a luxury beachwear brand known for its unique bikinis, swimsuits, and resort wear styles that combine retro inspiration with contemporary designs, innovative shapes, and cool prints. The brand's "bain couture" concept brings haute couture to beachwear and resort wear, offering sophisticated and elegant designs for women to wear in tropical destinations and beyond.

Degreas grew up around fashion but never intended to become a swimwear designer or launch her own brand. However, she has become a cult favorite of girls worldwide thanks to her bright patterns and seductive silhouettes.

In 2018, Adriana Degreas collaborated with Charlotte Dellal for a swimwear collection that complements the signature shapes of Adriana Degreas with the leopard print and feline features that make up Charlotte Olympia's DNA. One, in particular, has become iconic and deserves more attention. It's a gorgeous leopard bikini that was worn by the fabulous January Jones, which we previously mentioned in our article about her looks.

Charlotte Dellal wearing a bikini by Adriana Degreas

Photo: Adriana Degreas Website

Photo fo January Jones reading a book with leopard bikini by Adriana Degreas

Photo: @januaryjones

Adriana Degreas is well-known for her distinct and unconventional style. Her latest collection perfectly showcases her talent for blending playful and feminine elements with a bold and striking aesthetic.

Cherry Bomb High-waisted Bikini in Off White & Red

Photo: Revolve website

Photo of cherry_bomb_high-waisted_bikini-photo_3

Photo: @Adriana_Degreas

Agua Bendita

Agua Bendita was founded in 2003 by friends Catalina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza. They created unique swimsuits by stitching together discarded fabric offcuts. Their innovative designs gained popularity and they began collaborating with major textile manufacturers in Medellín and Bogotá. Alvarez and Hinestroza attended the 2006 Miami Fashion Week where their swimsuits were worn by Marissa Miller and Bar Rafaeli, generating a lot of interest in the brand.

The Colombian brand is well-known for its exquisite handcrafted swimsuits and beachwear. The brand's products are revered for their vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and with its hand-painted prints that range from flowers and palm trees to antique postage stamps, the brand pays homage to Colombia’s rich biodiversity, culture, and history.

For their designs, the pair sources materials from all over the world, as Alvarez recently explained, “We choose the best quality fabrics from Turkey to Colombia for our handmade creation process, where our in-house artists create handmade illustrations that are then printed over these fabrics, which are finally transformed into art pieces by our artisans.”

Zuri Top and Elsa Bottom by Agua Bendita

Photo: Revolve

In 2018, the co-founders of Agua Bendita launched a new environmentally-friendly sister brand called Agua by Agua Bendita. This label celebrates the beauty of Latin America and the art of design.

Agua is currently sold in more than 60 countries in addition to major global e-commerce platforms such as Moda Operandi, MyTheresa, Revolve, Net a Porter, and Bergdorf Goodman, among others.

Agua de Coco

Originally conceived by stylist Liana Thomaz as a beachwear brand in 1985, the company has since grown to become one of the main players in Brazil's fashion market for beachwear, with international recognition and presence.

In 2006, the label established a powerful partnership with Victoria's Secret, the world's largest lingerie and beach fashion chain. The label's glamour and refinement were showcased when the Brazilian top model, Adriana Lima, wore a golden Água de Coco bathing suit in the Swim 2006 catalog.

The brand's collections are inspired by the natural and cultural wealth of Brazil, with references full of Brazilian identity. Every new season brings new harmonies of colors, shapes, and textures, in a perfect balance between manual work and fashion design.

Agua de Coco celebrates the natural glow of those who carry the sun within themselves, inspiring people to live this energy wherever it is: from the most relaxed moments, with your feet in the sand or in the water, to the most unforgettable ones, such as parties and travel. The brand believes that this feeling brings out the best in life, and it strives to make this feeling last throughout the year, and I really love their claim “Wear your Light”, it is very in line with our mission to celebrate women's uniqueness.

Orchid Duo Square Neckline Strappy One Piece - Agua de Coco

Photo: @aguadecoco

Stars Bandeau Bikini Top With Ring - Agua de Coco

Photo: Agua de Coco Website

Fluid Acrylic Bikini - Agua de Coco

Photo: Agua de Coco Website

Brindle Straight Neckline Bandeau One Piece - Agua de Coco

Photo: @aguadecoco

The brand has more than 20 stores in Brazil and one in Miami, with a wholesale presence in 300 multi-brand stores in 25 countries.


Aguaclara is a Peruvian brand of swimwear and beachwear that offers a range of styles, from bikinis to one-pieces, with unique prints and handcrafted details. The brand embodies the spirit of the Amazon and the rainforest. Aguaclara's collections are inspired by the flora and fauna of the Peruvian Amazon, ancient cultures, and exotic landscapes. The brand values the work of artisans who make their garments and is committed to improving the situation of high-risk women and single mothers in Peru.

Aguaclara was first conceived in 1987 in Lima, by siblings Liliana and Jorge Villalobos. They launched their company with great enthusiasm and a vision: to design custom-made swimwear. Starting with a small manufacturing workshop, they made personalized garments. In a short time, Aguaclara became very popular in their market and has grown to become the leading brand it is today.

The Aguaclara Collections, created by Liliana, are exhibited at important trade shows and runways worldwide. Her unique, one-of-a-kind pieces are designed with highly elaborate embroidery, exclusively developed prints, and hand-made natural accessories specially crafted for the garments. These elements result in the brand's outstanding feel, developing a unique style and an exotically sophisticated sensation.

AguaClara green bikini top

Photo: @aguaclaraofficial

One Piece Champagne Blush - AguaClara

Photo: Aguaclara Website

Cotton Blu bikini - Aguaclara

Photo: Aguaclara Website

Moderate Bottom Shangri La Azul - Aguaclara

Photo: Aguaclara Website


Baobab is a sustainable swimwear and resort wear brand that transforms waste into iconic pieces. Almost every piece is made from plastic and fishing nets found in the sea. The brand also plants a tree for every swimsuit purchased and rehabilitates coral reefs throughout the Caribbean Sea.

Founded in 2015 by Isabella Espinoza, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, Baobab is committed to the environment. With every swimsuit purchase, a tree is planted to raise awareness about giving back to the earth and growing passion for nature. The project aims to cultivate the value of biodiversity in Colombia and educate on the meaning of respect and care for nature through each garment produced.

Photo of maple_bottom_apricot-photo_1

Photo: @Baobab

Maple Bikini Top in Apricot

Photo: Revolve website

The brand's name, Baobab, comes from the iconic African tree known for its resilience and longevity. The founder was inspired by the tree's ability to survive in harsh environments and wanted to create a brand that embodied the same resilience and strength. The brand's focus on sustainability and social responsibility has earned it a loyal following of eco-conscious consumers who want to look good and do good at the same time.

Blue Man

Blue Man is a well-known Brazilian swimwear brand founded in the 1970s by brothers David and Simon Azulay inventing the jeans bikini, which was immensely popular among chic hippies from Augusta and real hippies from Ipanema.

@patriciafccunha waring a jeans bikini by Blue Man

Photo: @patriciafccunha

Four women wearing jeans bikini

Photo: @bluemanbrasil

David's vision expanded the market and soon Blue Man had become a household name outside of the beaches, making waves in Paris, London, and Milan. Over the years, Blue Man has released unique collections and fashion shows, always embodying the exuberance, diversity, cultural inspiration, and hi-lo of Rio in bold and irreverent campaigns, photographed by the world's top photographers.

In 2009, David passed away, leaving behind a legacy that Sharon Azulay, his daughter, and Michel Tauil, David's son-in-law, took over with a relaxed, irreverent, and fun management style. This year, Blue Man celebrates half a century in business, a testament to the brand's deep penetration into the beach culture of Brazil.

Blue Man Banana Pop Swimsuit

Photo: @bluemanbrasil

Woman wearing swimsuit by Blue Man

Photo: @bluemanbrasil

Unique prints have been produced to mark the anniversary, making Blue Man one of the few swimwear brands that have had such a great impact on a nation's beachwear culture.

Overall, Blue Man's unique designs, commitment to quality, and celebrity following make it a standout brand in the Latin American swimwear industry. If you're looking for stylish and high-quality swimwear, Blue Man is definitely a brand to watch.

Woman wearing a bikini by Blue Man

Photo: @carlaoooliveira

@gabriellegambinee wearing a bikini by Blue Man

Photo: @gabriellegambinee

Woman wearing a bikini by Blue Man

Photo: @leticiasalhab


Photo: @rafaelaamachado


Capittana is a Peruvian brand of swimwear and beachwear that offers a range of styles, from bikinis to one-pieces, with unique prints and handcrafted details. Founded by brother and sister duo Stefano and Raffaella Raffo in 2014, the brand embodies the spirit of summer and vacation. The name Capittana, which translates to 'female captain', stands for an independent woman who lives life with enthusiasm and passion. The company is devoted to helping high-risk women and single mothers in Peru and values the craftsmanship of the artisans who make its garments. Each garment is handcrafted by women in Peru, and the creators' names are even listed on each item.

Capittana's style is very feminine, unique, and cool, but always very conscious of bringing out the best in a woman's body. The brand uses mostly prints and crochet details in all their designs, giving each piece a special touch.

Lina Lemon Low Waist Bikini

Photo: Capittana Website

Trinidad Raimbow Crochet

Photo: Capittana Website

Lia green velvet bikini

Photo: Capittana Website

Susane Fuchsia Terry Towel bikini

Photo: Capittana Website

Cia Maritima

Cia Maritima is a Brazilian brand that has been designing swimwear for 25 years. The brand's beachwear collections combine elegance, sophistication, and sensuality, featuring intricate details and luxurious fabrics. It was founded in 1990 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with the goal of creating high-quality swimwear that was both fashionable and functional. Cia Maritima belongs to Grupo Rosset, the largest producer of fabrics with Lycra® in South America. The brand has become one of the most popular swimwear brands in Brazil over the years and has gained a following in other Latin American countries and around the world.

Bikini by Cia Maritima

Photo: @ciamaritimabeachwear

Swimsuit by Cia Maritima

Photo: @ciamaritimabeachwear

Swimsuit by Cia Maritima

Photo: @ciamaritimabeachwear

Bikini by Cia Maritima

Photo: @ciamaritimabeachwear

With its glamorous fashion shows and impeccable models, the brand has become a reference point in the fashion industry. The company has expanded to over 1,000 sales outlets in Brazil.

Gal Floripa

Inspired by their close sisterly bond, Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and her real-life sibling Aline, alongside best friend Gisele Cória, created GAL Floripa swimwear in 2019. Drawing upon the natural beauty of "The Magic Island" - their beloved birthplace on the island of Florianopolis (Floripa), Brazil - each design celebrates femininity through stunning silhouettes that capture a woman's curves with effortless flair.

Beyond offering beautiful beach apparel for women everywhere to enjoy, this trio ensures that every Gal Floripa piece promotes self-love and confidence. The brand's mission is to create unique designs that are both stylish and ethical, with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their collections feature unique prints, flattering cuts, and comfortable fits, including bikinis, one-pieces, and beach cover-ups. Whether you prefer a classic or trendy style, Gal Floripa has something for everyone who wants to look and feel great while also taking care of the planet.

Photo of Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a bikini by Gal Floripa

Photo: @alessandraambrosio

Photo of Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a swimsuit by Gal Floripa

Photo: @alessandraambrosio

Photo of Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a swimsuit by Gal Floripa

Photo: @alessandraambrosio

Photo of Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a bikini by Gal Floripa

Photo: @alessandraambrosio


Haight brings a modern minimalist style to Brazilian women's swimwear with its clean lines and sophisticated color scheme. Designer Marcella Franklin, based in Rio de Janeiro, started in swimwear by creating custom pieces for her friends and then worked for some of Brazil's most prestigious swimwear brands before launching her own line in 2015.

Franklin was inspired by the simplicity of the modern architecture and the beauty of Brazilian landscapes. She wanted to create swimwear that would blend seamlessly with a woman's everyday wardrobe and make her feel confident and elegant. Haight's collections feature high-quality materials, including 50+ UV-protected stretch jerseys, and attention to detail, such as hidden seams and adjustable straps.

Bikini by Haight

Photo: @kladuccini

Red and White bikini by Haight

Photo: @fazoprint_victoria

Bikini by Haight

Photo: @golden.dadiva

Green bikini by Haight

Photo: @gutavirtuoso

The bikini and one-piece styles feature trendy one-shoulder, bandeau, and low-back designs, all with attention to flattering details.

Johanna Ortiz

Johanna Ortiz is a Colombian designer known for her signature ruffles, lively prints, and sculptural silhouettes. The eponymous line has become synonymous with Latin American style and is beloved within the fashion industry and beyond. The brand and atelier of more than 350 people are based in her hometown of Cali, Colombia. Johanna Ortiz swimwear is stocked at all major retailers and online stores and remains one of the most successful brands to come out of Latin America.

Since its inception in 2013, the brand quickly gained popularity for its unique blend of traditional Colombian craftsmanship with modern design. Ortiz's swimwear collections feature a range of styles, from classic cuts to trendy designs, her pieces are not only functional but also works of art, with intricate details and feminine silhouettes that flatter the body.

Leopard Azabache Bikini

Photo: Jhoanna Ortiz Website

Sacred Valley Onepiece

Photo: Jhoanna Ortiz Website

Andean Wine Hiram Bikini

Photo: Jhoanna Ortiz Website

Andean Ecru Wakama Bikini

Photo: Jhoanna Ortiz Website

With her unique designs and commitment to sustainability, it's no surprise that Johanna Ortiz remains one of the most sought-after swimwear brands in Latin America and beyond.

Terracota Rough Sea Onepiece

Photo: Jhoanna Ortiz Website

Rough Sea recycled-fibre cutout swimsuit

Photo: Match Fashion Website

Juan De Dios

Juan de Dios is a lifestyle brand inspired by the enchanting corners of Colombia. It was launched in 2017 by Maria Valencia out of a love for the natural beauty found in Latin America, particularly in a Colombian bay known as "Playa Juan De Dios". The brand aims to provide women with a way to feel confident about themselves.

The brand's pieces are made using traditional artisanal methods and handmade details sewn by women who are the heads of their households. These women are provided with a sustainable income source, which in turn supports their families.

The fabrics used in the pieces are made of recycled yarns, making them eco-friendly. The designs are intended to be versatile, allowing wearers to mix and match endlessly. For example, the scarves can be tied as a top in a variety of ways, or worn as a dress or sarong skirt. The wrap-around linen skirts and swimsuits are reversible, providing wearers with more options.

In addition to swimwear, Juan de Dios has also expanded into home accessories. The brand applies its unique prints and fantasy onto adorable coasters and linen napkins, which can add a touch of tropical life to any home.

Red bikini by Juan De Dios

Photo: @juandedios

Bikini Top by Juan de Dios

Photo: @juandedios

Two women wearing  swimwear by Juan De Dios

Photo: @juandedios

Red bikini by Juan De Dios

Photo: @juandedios

We believe that Juan de Dios is more than just a swimwear brand, as it is an expression of style that allows women to feel proud of themselves.

Lenny Niemeyer

Lenny Niemeyer is a Brazilian designer who creates luxurious swimwear and resort wear with unique cuts, bold colors, and innovative details. Her focus is on flattering and feminine silhouettes. She opened her first store in Ipanema in 1991, and since her runway debut in 1997, her name has been synonymous with high-fashion swimwear. Her brand also produces handbags, shoes, accessories, and a large collection of ready-to-wear. Lenny has 20 freestanding stores in Brazil and is sold worldwide in South and North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Niemeyer's great eye for quality fabrics focuses on comfort and beautiful drape in her pieces. Her couture universe includes swimsuits in stretch knit, and beachwear lines in linen, silk, crepe, or georgette.

From her background as a renowned landscape architect, Lenny infuses her prints with her love of nature. Over the years, Lenny has become a true "Carioca" fashion legend.

Bikini by Lenny Niemeyer

Photo: Lenny Niemeyer Website

Floral printed swimsuit by Lenny Niemeyer

Photo: Lenny Niemeyer Website

Floral printed Bikini by Lenny Niemeyer

Photo: Lenny Niemeyer Website

Green bikini by Lenny Niemeyer

Photo: Lenny Niemeyer Website

Farm Rio

Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos had a dream - to launch a clothing line that embodied the spirit of Rio de Janeiro, with its vibrant colors and feminine energy.

It was 1997, and the two took their chances at a local independent fashion market called Babilonia Feira Hype. They created a booth showcasing their designs, and to their surprise, Brazilians fell in love with the brand. What started as a booth soon became a store, and then more stores, and before they knew it, Farm Rio was born.

Over the past 20 years, Farm Rio has become Brazil's most beloved clothing and lifestyle brand, with a focus on rich, local culture that has made it stand out from the competition.

Pink Flowers Garden Bikini by Farm Rio

Photo: Farm Rio Website

Maxi Leopard Patch One Piece Swimsuit by Farm Rio

Photo: Farm Rio Website

Lia High Waisted Bikini by Farm RIo

Photo: Farm Rio Website

Tropical Woodcut Bikini by Farm Rio

Photo: Farm Rio Website

But despite its international success, the brand has never lost sight of its roots. Barros and Basto work with local Brazilian designers, stylists, and artisans to develop the vibrant colors and magical prints that have come to define Farm Rio's brand. Nature has always been the label's greatest inspiration, and it's part of the company's duty to protect and give back to the environment.

That's why they've partnered with One Tree Planted to aid in reforestation efforts in the Amazon rainforest, donating the dollar amount equivalent to one tree to be planted.

For Barros, the key to success lies in being authentic and staying true to the local culture that inspired the brand. "The more local we are, the more global we can be," she says.


The warm sands of Colombia are where Maaji was born, a swimwear brand that takes its inspiration from the vibrant culture, diverse people, and colorful landscapes of this beautiful country. Founded in 2002 by two sisters, Amalia and Manuela Sierra, Maaji has become a household name in the swimwear industry with its bold prints, unique designs, and reversible pieces that allow women to mix and match their beach looks.

Four women wearing Maaji bikinis on the beach

Photo: Maaji Website

Two women wearing Maaji bikinis on the beach

Photo: Maaji Website

Three women wearing Maaji bikinis on the beach

Photo: Maaji Website

Four women wearing Maaji bikinis on the beach

Photo: Maaji Website

As you walk along the beaches of Colombia, it's easy to see how Maaji is inspired by the natural beauty around them. From the bright hues of the Colombian sunset to the lush greenery of the jungle, each collection reflects the essence of this tropical paradise. But it's not just the natural beauty that Maaji draws inspiration from. The diversity of the Colombian people is also a source of inspiration for the brand, showcasing the uniqueness of every individual through its diverse range of styles, colors, and cuts.

Maaji is more than just a swimwear brand; it's a celebration of individuality and sustainability. As a B-Corp-certified company, Maaji is committed to ensuring that every piece of swimwear is made sustainably and with dignity and respect for all involved in the production process.

Overall, Maaji's unique designs and commitment to sustainability make it a standout brand in the Latin American swimwear industry.

Maygel Coronel

In 2018, a young Colombian designer named Maygel Coronel founded a brand that would capture the essence of her hometown of Cartagena and the Caribbean spirit that surrounded her.

From the very beginning, Maygel had a clear vision: to create a universe that would celebrate women through pieces that would meld with their skin and capture attention with focused details that would transform any classic into a sublime piece.

With every step of the process, from the material to the feeling, Maygel Coronel and her team dedicate themselves to transitioning between quality and trust, balancing beautiful details with functional practicality that prioritizes comfort and preserves femininity.

Metis one piece in orchid pink by Maygel Coronel

Photo: @maygelcoronelofficial

Leda bikini in Grotta Blue color by Maygel Coronel

Photo: @maygelcoronelofficial

Mila bikini in white by Maygel Coronel

Photo: @maygelcoronelofficial

Trinitaria one-piece in black by Maygel Coronel

Photo: @maygelcoronelofficial

For Maygel Coronel, the infinite beauty of femininity, the bodies, and the personalities of each woman are at the core of their brand. And it's this belief that has made Maygel Coronel a brand designed for women and for life under the sun.

Oneone Swimwear

When Olga and Santiago Velez met in college, they were both pursuing law degrees. But it didn't take long for them to realize that their true passion lay in the world of fashion. And so, armed with their degrees and their determination, they set out to create a swimwear brand that would be accessible to everyone, while still offering the highest quality and the most beautiful designs.

Named after the Samoan word for sand, Oneone is all about the union of two individual pieces to create one iconic style. And in the case of Olga and Santiago, it's also about the union of two people who share a vision and a commitment to excellence.

Together, they used their combined savings to design their first collection and shoot their first campaign in the Bahamas, and the rest is history. Today, the label employs over 300 female heads of household in a privately-owned factory in Medellin, Colombia, and is known for its skillful use of colors, youthful designs, and commitment to sustainability. And thanks to a particularly successful social communication strategy, ONEONE has become one of the most followed brands by the Z generation.

Aria Top and Emily Bottom in broome color by Oneone Swim

Photo: @oneoneswim

Kameron bikini in pristine color print by Oneone Swim

Photo: @oneoneswim

Anastasia bikini in cockatoo print by Oneone Swim

Photo: @oneoneswim

Regina one piece in broome print by Oneone Swim

Photo: @oneoneswim


PatBO is a Brazilian brand that offers feminine, colorful, and playful swimwear collections with unique prints, intricate details, and flattering silhouettes. Founded by Patricia Bonaldi, the brand's collections are inspired by her travels around Brazil and the world, and her love for fashion and nature.

Over the years, the PatBO brand has become synonymous with its prints and bold color patterns, signature cut-out dresses, and embellished swimwear. And through its success, Bonaldi has always stayed focused on her early mission: to help the world see Brazil as a hub for artisanal talent.

This passion for community has become embedded in the ethos of PatBO. 99% of her employees are women, and though it’s been years in the making, Bonaldi has been able to employ over 500 women in her community of Uberlandia and even started a school dedicated to local artisans in Uberlandia, allowing them to see their craftsmanship as full-time work, and providing them with the tools and confidence needed to succeed.

Image of a woman wearing a bikini by PatBO

Photo: PatBO Website

Image of a woman wearing a bikini by PatBO

Photo: PatBO Website

Black one-piece swimsuit by Patbo

Photo: @patbo

Floral print bikini by Patbo

Photo: @patbo

PatBO's swimwear features bold prints, vibrant colors, and intricate details, such as beading and embroidery, that create a unique and stylish look. The brand's collections also feature a range of resort wear, including dresses, cover-ups, and accessories, perfect for a stylish day at the beach or poolside.

Verde Limon

Verde Limon was founded in 2015 by Silvia de Brigard after pursuing a design degree in Paris.

The brand's name, Verde Limon, means "lemon green" in Spanish, which represents the brand's philosophy of creating fun and refreshing designs that stand out. Since its inception, Verde Limon has become one of the most popular swimwear brands in Colombia, and it has gained a following in other Latin American countries and worldwide.

Each piece marries classic and modern design elements, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and modernity. Always inspired by natural landscapes from her travels around the globe and her home in Bogota, VerdeLimón’s designs are uniquely vibrant and full of life.

Employing female craftsmen empowers their local community through job creation and the flexibility to work from their in-home ateliers. 100% of the pieces are made in Bogota and are made-to-order, embracing a zero-waste policy.

The brand has been featured in major fashion magazines and has participated in fashion shows in Colombia and other countries. Verde Limon's success is a testament to the founders' vision of creating swimwear that is both stylish and sustainable.

Image fo woman wearing bikini by VerdeLimon.

Photo: @verdelimonswim

Image of woman wearing a printed swimsuit by VerdeLimon

Photo: @verdelimonswim

Image fo a woman wearing a yellow swimsuit by VerdeLimon

Photo: @verdelimonswim

Image of woman wearing a bikini by VerdeLimon

Photo: @verdelimonswim

Vix Paula Hermanny

Vix Swimwear is a Brazilian brand that offers chic and sophisticated swimwear collections with clean lines, classic cuts, and flattering silhouettes. The brand was founded in 1998 by Paula Hermanny, a Brazilian native who moved to the United States to pursue a degree in fashion design.

In 1999 Paula had her first recognition with three suits featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The first full collection launched in 2003 and appeared in Vogue Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar, and Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit catalog.

Blue bikini by ViX-PaulaHermanny

Photo: @vix_global

Red bikini by ViX-PaulaHermanny

Photo: @@vix_global

Printed bikini by ViX-PaulaHermanny

Photo: @vix_global

Colorblock bikini by ViX-PaulaHermanny

Photo: @vix_global

The brand quickly gained popularity for its stylish designs, which blend traditional Brazilian influences with modern aesthetics. Vix Swimwear's collections feature unique prints, luxurious fabrics, and intricate details, such as gold hardware and handmade embroidery. The brand's focus on quality materials and attention to detail has earned it a loyal following of customers who appreciate its sophisticated and elegant designs.

Firenze Imani bikini by Vix Paula Hermanny

Photo: @vixpaulahermanny

Photo of firenze_imani_hot_pant_bottom_-_ballet-photo_6

Photo: @Vix_PaulaHermanny

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January 3, 2024

Blue swimsuit by bond-eye

Australian Summer Unveiled: A Four-Part Look at the New Arrivals from 20 Aussie Brands - Part 2 / 4

Second Part of the Series: The New Styles of Peony, Alt Swim, Kulani Kinis, Seafolly, and Bond Eye.

Julie Taylor

December 27, 2023

Harvey Specter Full Piece

Australian Summer Unveiled: A Four-Part Look at the New Arrivals from 20 Aussie Brands - Part 1 / 4

Debuting the Series: The Signature Styles of Triangl, Bamba Swim, Fella Swim, VDM The Label, and FAE House

Julie Taylor

December 6, 2023

Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber wearing a swimsuit from Dilara Findikoglu

Empower Your Style: Dive into One-Shoulder Swimwear's Graceful Asymmetry

Own Your Femininity and Explore Asymmetry with these One-Shoulder Swimsuits that Celebrate Originality and Style

Bella Scotton

November 27, 2023

The Sculpting C In Black Compression from Tropic of C

The Noir Rivalry: Black Bikinis vs. Black One Piece Swimsuit - Who is the winner?

A Battle of Elegance in Monochromatic Waters

Rachel Kius

September 21, 2023

Photo of chiaramoreira-67

Style and Comfort: The Art of Tying Your Triangle Bikini Top

Discover the allure of the triangle bikini top! Uncover various styles, fitting tips and ways to enhance comfort while keeping your look trendy.

Julie Taylor

September 16, 2023

Official Barbie The Movie Poster

Embrace the Barbiecore Trend: 16 Swimsuits to Make Your Summer Pink-tastic

Unveiling the charm of the Barbiecore trend, our curated selection of 16 swimsuits celebrates all body types.

Rachel Kius

July 26, 2023

Photo of leslie-amon-55

Dive into the Metallic Wave: 12 Swimwear's Glossy New Looks

Uncover the charm of metallic swimwear and how to incorporate it into your summer style

Julie Taylor

June 6, 2023

Martha Stewart

From Sand to Success: Explore the Transformative Story of the SI Swimsuit Issue

Beyond the Bikinis: Exploring the SI Swimsuit Issue's Influence on Swimwear Trends

Rachel Kius

May 27, 2023

Photo of windflower_plunge_swimsuit-photo_4

15 Floral Swim Looks for Spring 2023

Can you go wrong with a floral swimsuit? We say no! The question is this: which one goes best with your personality and style?

Rachel Kius

March 23, 2023

Image of Taylor Swift in a swimming pool

Channeling Taylor Swift: 10 High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms You Need to Know

The Ultimate Fusion of Vintage and Modern: High-Waisted Bikinis That Deliver Classic Style With a Modern Twist

Julie Taylor

February 24, 2023

Photo of Demi Moore wearing a bikini by Andie Swim

Age-Defying Swimwear Styles: Inspiration from 10 Celebrities

Age is just a number, and the ladies over 40 in this story are proof of that. From Cindy Crawford to Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore to Alessandra Ambrosio, and Salma Hayek to Tara Lynn, these actresses, models, and producers continue to inspire many young women.

Julie Taylor

February 1, 2023

Cover photo of the article

In Conversation With Charys Caldarella, Founder of Styelle Swim

The founder of Styelle Swim Chary discusses body positivity, sustainability and a new exciting venture for the brand

Georgia Rhodes

May 18, 2022

Photo of Maddy (Alexa Demie) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney)

Euphoria’s Dip in Swimwear Trendsetting

If you are guilty of googling ‘Euphoria outfits’ or ‘Maddy’s dress’ before the credits even surface on your screen, you’re not the only one.

Georgia Rhodes

March 4, 2022

Juicy Bikini Model

Top trends to watch out for 2022

What should you wear to stand apart from the rest and make a statement this year?

Rachel Kius

February 2, 2022

Emily Ratajkowski close up

Models who conquered the Runway to become Entrepreneurs

What does it really mean to be a model with such a high social status in the 21st century?

Georgia Rhodes

January 30, 2022

Kendall Jenner wearing Sommer Swim

Me and this bikini: a love story.

Looking gorgeous and fashionable is always the main goal.

Rachel Kius

January 26, 2022

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