Photo of Maddy (Alexa Demie) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney)

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Euphoria’s Dip in Swimwear Trendsetting

If you are guilty of googling ‘Euphoria outfits’ or ‘Maddy’s dress’ before the credits even surface on your screen, you’re not the only one.

Euphoria, is the one show that has single-handedly mesmerized the entirety of the zoomer generation, whose attention span only lasts 8 seconds! Known for its dark nature and destructive, gripping storylines, season 2 has brought about a new fixation from the Emmy-winning production.

Gaining global, fleeting searches for its costuming choices, the audience is diving at the chance to find the pieces characters are styled in each episode.

The (dare I say) iconic show has become the epitome of Gen Z fashion statements, becoming the most inspiring and influential series for sparking fashion searches across the internet.

Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) on Gemma One Piece by Frankies bikini

Photo: Eddy Chen / HBO

Official Euphoria poster

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Jules (Hunter Schafer)  wearing an angel mask

Photo: Eddy Chen / HBO

The high school drama has become an outlet for Gen Z, focusing on some taboo subjects in an extraordinarily genuine and real approach with endless bold, jaw-dropping performances from the cast.

The HBO show notably creates a message through the power of fashion, the impactful choices show us how each personal style of a character is so different yet appreciated by all the audiences.

Euphoria shows us how fashion communicates to the world how we feel and what we want people to think of us.

The trendsetter show has gone beyond portrayal, becoming indistinguishable from its audience aesthetic.

Today we explore Euphoria’s leading light on swimwear.

Is there any sector of fashion the spellbinding series can’t impact?

Maddy (Alexa Demie) in romebyfalize swimsuit

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Sassy Maddy strikes our screens in an emerald green slinky set as she discusses her toxic on-again-off-again relationship with her seemingly ‘best friend’ Cassie. The captivating combo from Romé by Falize is an unforgettable piece that has sunken into our hearts. The brand is actually owned by Alexa Demi’s sister, which quickly rose to fame in the popularity of the trendsetting character, wearing the piece from her very first collection. Styled with the dreamy cover upskirt in episode 2 ‘Out Of Touch’ the elegant ensemble was definitely in touch with fashion.

Photo of Top and Bottom in Light Green

The same episode graced us with another jaw-dropping green twin bikini set from Maddy Perez. Agent Provocateur berry embellished bikini is a lime green set to die for, this juicy piece is on our wish list for sure, after seeing it on Maddy of course. To say exactly what’s on our mind (which Maddy would certainly approve of) the striking swimsuit compliments her dark hair and gold jewelry perfectly.

The chaotic third episode 'Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys' full of dark drama and nail-biting moments still managed to bring us a trendsetter piece for the sun. The one-of-a-kind one-piece made a noteworthy splash on our screens. Maddy Perez made a striking statement in a Miaou Demi costume as she lounged in true hotshot Maddy style.

The vivid, electric blue and popping purple print immediately turns heads. But the glamorous print isn’t the one statement within this one-piece, the backless silhouette with a criss-cross neckline creates an alluring shape hugging the body perfectly.

Maddy (Alexa Demie) on Demi One Piece by Miaou

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

This season was particularly transforming and tough for Maddy (spoiler alert). But being opposed to doomed disloyalty from a close friend did not affect Miss Perez’s trendsetting motion. The Feisty yet fragile darling has faced an internal makeover, growing into a woman, we now adore, while doing it all in a style that breaks the internet.

Episode 4: Something In The Water, is the style icon’s birthday bash. Wearing a black, barely there two-piece from Innamorata Women, the Las Olas bikini is definitely fit for a birthday bitch. An underrated favorite of ours that showcases Maddy’s fearless and powerful personality.

Photo of Emily Ratajkowski wearing Las Olas by Inamorata Woman

Photo: @emrata

There was definitely something in the water in episode 4; trendsetting swimwear.

The unforgettable hot tub party shows Cassie in the powerful pink piece that broke the internet. Frankie’s Bikinis pink punch one-piece sold out instantly after the episode aired and even racked up a 500-person waitlist! Yes, even after we all saw Cassie throw up in it!

Not even a little vomit can stop her from setting a trend. Cassie’s mentally insecure yet sweet personality takes a turn on a path of backstabbing. Her intense and problematic visions can be seen throughout her style this season.

Image of a woman wearing Gemma Wrap One Piece Swimsuit - Pink Punch by Frankies_Bikinis

Photo: Frankies_Bikinis

Opting for this fluorescent fuchsia cut-out gives some serious badass vibes. The high-leg cuts and adjustable ties are for sure all that.

Season 2 was truly a rollercoaster of emotions for its beloved audience, but the season really thrived in a fashion setting some stand-out trends we will never forget.

Scene from Euphoria episode 8

Photo: Eddy Chen/HBO

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