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Channeling Taylor Swift: 10 High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms You Need to Know

The Ultimate Fusion of Vintage and Modern: High-Waisted Bikinis That Deliver Classic Style With a Modern Twist

I’ve seen countless swimwear trends come and go over the years, but one has remained a timeless classic: the high-waisted bikini. From Marilyn Monroe’s iconic beach photos to Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” music video (our cover photo), the high-waisted bikini has remained a timeless classic.

And it’s not hard to see why: with its ability to flatter every body type, provide tummy control, and elongate the legs, the high-waisted bikini is both practical and stylish.

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What's truly special about the high-waisted bikini is its ability to evolve with the times. This timeless style has adapted each decade to reflect changing fashion tastes and trends. From vintage-inspired looks that recall the glamour of Old Hollywood to modern, minimalist designs that embody contemporary chic, high-waisted bikinis offer something for everyone.

In this post, I'm excited to showcase 10 different high-waisted bikini looks that capture the best of vintage and modern swimwear trends, illustrating the enduring appeal of this iconic style.

Look #1 - Cali High Leg Full Coverage Bottom - Vitamin A

As a lover of sustainable and stylish swimwear, I was thrilled to discover the Cali High Leg Full Coverage Bottom by Vitamin A. Not only is this bikini a comfy and chic pullover style crop top with a scoop neck and low back, but it's also made with EcoMetallic - a metallic swim fabric made from recycled nylon fiber. The subtle sheen adds a touch of glamour to the bikini, while the eco-friendly fabric makes it a guilt-free choice for any beach day. I was especially delighted by the unexpected color combination of brown, black, and white stripes - a refreshing departure from the bright hues and pastels found on most beaches.

I was not surprised that Instagram star Vanessa Krom Dyer, also known as "The Cheeky Been," was drawn to this chic bikini. Her effortless, beachy style has made her a favorite among fashion lovers and swimwear enthusiasts, and she is known for her impeccable taste in beach fashion.

Look #2 - Tropicalia Cut-Out Bikini Bottom - PatBO

When I hear the term "high-waisted bikinis", instantly, my thoughts travel to Patricia Bonaldi and her bikini models. This Brazilian fashion brand is daring in its cuts, adventurous with prints, and always seeking to test what's fashionable. PatBo personifies everything I look for in high-end fashion!

PatBO has become a favorite among celebrities and fashion influencers and has been worn by Camilla Cabello, Priyanka Chopra, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

PatBo's collection has many references to the classic high-waisted cut, but with innovations and increasingly modern cuts. The bikinis are made with luxurious fabrics and are adorned with intricate details such as embroidery and delicate embellishments. The high-waisted bikini bottoms are designed to flatter the natural curves of a woman's body, with a focus on highlighting the waistline and elongating the legs.

Image of a woman wearing a bikini by PatBO

Photo: PatBO Website

Image of a woman wearing a bikini by PatBO

Photo: PatBO Website

Image of a woman wearing a bikini by PatBO

Photo: PatBO Website

Photo of a woman wearing a PatBO bikini

Photo: @patbo

What I love most about PatBo's high-waisted bikini bottoms is the versatility they offer. Whether you want a retro look with a high-waisted bikini featuring tropical prints and ruching or a modern, sexy vibe with a high-waisted bikini featuring a Brazilian cut, PatBo has you covered.

If you find PatBo's designs too intricate for your everyday beachwear or are under the impression that these bikinis are meant only for the runway, take a look at this stunning photo by @jhaninecantao, in our collection of "Bellissima" looks, a testament to the beauty and wearability of these styles.

In the photo, Jhanine exquisitely showcases the "Tropicalia" print, drawing attention to the intricate cut-out design of the bikini bottom, a signature feature of PatBo's innovative take on the classic high-waisted cut.

Photo of jhanine_cantao-78

Photo: @jhaninecantao

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Look #3 - Lace Up High Waist Bikini - Fleur du Mal

As we bid adieu to Patbo, we voyage across the Atlantic to explore the timeless French lingerie and swimwear brand Fleur du Mal. The brand's swimwear collection evokes a sense of classic sophistication blended with modernity, capturing the essence of Fleur Du Mal, the famous poetry collection by French writer Baudelaire.

One of their most stunning pieces is a high-waisted bikini featuring lacing at the sides of the bottom, which was previously highlighted in our article on the incredible styles of January Jones. The lacing design is not only modern and attractive but also exudes a sense of sexiness that is simply irresistible.

In fact, Fleur du Mal describes this bikini as "the sexiest high waist bikini you'll ever wear". The black color of this bikini is a timeless classic that has been elevated to an entirely new level by Fleur du Mal's unique design.

I find this piece a must-have in any fashion-forward swimwear collection.

Look #4 - Carmel Tamarindo Bikini - Montce

When it comes to perfecting the art of bikini bottoms, Montce is a brand that surely knows what it’s doing. From receiving rave reviews such as "the best fitting bottom I've ever owned," Montce's reputation speaks for itself. What sets Montce apart from other brands is its extensive range of high-waisted cuts, with three unique versions available.

With a more daring French cut option, a traditional cut, and a fuller coverage version, Montce has something for everyone.

Image of a woman wearing a bikini by Montce

Photo: Montce Website

Image of a woman wearing a bikini by Montce

Photo: Montce Website

Image of a woman wearing a bikini by Montce

Photo: Montce Website

Image of a woman wearing a bikini by Montce

Photo: Montce Website

While browsing the latest 2023 collection, this particular design caught my eye. The pastel brown pattern on a white background instantly transported me to a dreamy beach vacation. The combination of classic and contemporary elements in this piece makes it the perfect addition to any beach-loving fashionista's wardrobe. Whether lounging on the sand or sipping drinks at sunset, this Montce high-waisted bikini will surely bring a new level of charm to your new beach look.

Look #5 - Pastel Macaron Colorblok Eva Top and Emmy Bottom - Beach Riot

I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea that high-waisted bikinis are only meant for the super-sophisticated or those with pretentious tastes. Need an example of an absolutely stunning, contemporary high-waisted bikini with a sporty feel for an activewear look? have a look at California-based Beach Riot swimwear designer, whose very name promises to revolutionize your wardrobe.

Take a cue from blogger and influencer Cait Carr Vogel, who rocks a sporty version of the high-waisted swimsuit in a bold color block pattern with sharp, vivid colors. The outfit exudes a specific energy and playfulness, adding some spark to your day with its perfect pairing of verve and fashion. And one secret tip from me to you: those sunglasses? They might be the key to achieving that effortlessly cool and chic look.

Look #6 -Iza Bottom Black - Evarae

When it comes to contemporary high-waisted swimsuits, it's hard to beat Lisa Pinault's look in a stunning design by UK-based brand Evarae. The attention to detail is simply admirable, with a minimalist yet impactful aesthetic. We've featured Evarae in our previous article on the most sustainable swimwear brands to follow, so you can feel good about your fashion choices while looking fabulous.

Look #7 - Genevieve Waffle Boy Short - Frankies Bikini

It's not just moms looking to flatter their figures that can rock a high-waisted bikini. Have a look at this young influencer in this stunning photo of herself sporting a boy-short bikini bottom, proving that this modern and sexy interpretation of the high-waisted bikini is for everyone.

The Genevieve bikini bottom by Frankies Bikinis is a youthful and seductive variation of this timeless style. Its design features a boy-short style bottom that creates a flattering and comfortable fit. This modern version of the high-waisted bikini is a testament to how styles can evolve over time while remaining true to themselves.

Look #8 - Toronto Bottoms in Striped Shell - Marysia

Marysia Reeves, the founder of the luxury swimwear brand Marysia, has long been celebrated for her chic, feminine designs. Her swimsuits feature scalloped edges and high-quality fabrics that are adored by both celebrities and fashion-savvy women around the world. In fact, Marysia is a go-to choice for celebrities like Eva Longoria, Hilary Duff, and Jessica Alba, who have been spotted wearing the brand on multiple occasions.

When it comes to high-waisted bikini bottoms, Marysia is a designer who cannot be overlooked. Her unmistakable style shines through in her solid-colored designs, which are both timeless and contemporary.

Photo of a woman with a Marysia bikini set

Photo: Marysia Website

Photo of a woman with a Marysia bikini set

Photo: Marysia Website

Photo of a woman with a Marysia bikini set

Photo: Marysia Website

Photo of a woman with a Marysia bikini set

Photo: Marysia Website

Recently, Marysia unveiled some new designs for the 2023 collection, and one particular bikini caught my eye: the Toronto pattern in the Striped Shell print.

This new design combines Marysia's classic style with a modern twist. The Toronto bikini bottoms feature a unique cut that perfectly complements the Striped Shell print. If you're looking for a swimsuit that's both sophisticated and stylish, Marysia's new Toronto design is definitely worth checking out.

Look #9 - Dylla Bottom Costa Rei Floral Print - Faithfull the brand

Look number 9 from Faithfull the Brand is a tropical dream come true. This high-waisted bikini features a vintage-inspired print of colorful tropical flowers that will transport you to a sunny, exotic paradise. The high leg cut is a modern twist that adds a touch of sexiness and shows off your legs, while the high waist offers coverage and support. The bikini top is a classic triangle style with adjustable straps, making it easy to customize the fit for your body.

What sets this bikini apart is the vintage and naive feel of the print. It's reminiscent of a bygone era of vacationing in the tropics, complete with postcards and Polaroids. The high-waisted style is also great for those seeking more coverage without sacrificing style. Whether you're lounging on the sand or playing in the waves, this bikini perfectly combines retro charm and modern flair.

Look #10 - Clo High Waisted Bottom - Kiini

Kiini is a luxury swimwear brand founded by Turkish-born, New York-based designer Ipek Irgit in 2012. The brand is known for its distinctive bohemian aesthetic, combining colorful crochet trims with flattering silhouettes to create unique, eye-catching swimwear designs. Ipek Irgit started making her own bikinis to express her style, and after friends and strangers started asking where they could buy them, she launched Kiini. One such example is this emerald green high-waisted bikini bottom worn by blogger and influencer Rocio Vivas.

The bright green color perfectly complements Kiini's signature look, while also accentuating Rocio's own personal style. It's no wonder that this post has become one of our favorites here at our Charmant Style.

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