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PatBO is a Brazilian brand that offers feminine, colorful, and playful swimwear collections with unique prints, intricate details, and flattering silhouettes. Founded by Patricia Bonaldi, the brand's collections are inspired by her travels around Brazil and the world, and her love for fashion and nature. Over the years, the PatBO brand has become synonymous with its prints and bold color patterns, signature cut-out dresses, and embellished swimwear. And through its success, Bonaldi has always stayed focused on her early mission: to help the world see Brazil as a hub for artisanal talent. This passion for community has become embedded in the ethos of PatBO. 99% of her employees are women, and though it’s been years in the making, Bonaldi has been able to employ over 500 women in her community of Uberlandia and even started a school dedicated to local artisans in Uberlandia, allowing them to see their craftsmanship as full-time work, and providing them with the tools and confidence needed to succeed.

Plunge Netted Sleeve Swimsuit

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