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Summer’s Hottest New Swimwear: Our Top Picks from the New Reformation Swim Drop

A Closer Look at Reformation’s Latest Eco-Conscious Collection

Let’s face it; It is tough to find good sustainable swimwear. We all want to look good while doing our part for the environment, right? But finding swimwear that ticks both boxes- stylish and eco-conscious- feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Then comes Reformation Swim.

What makes this Reformation Swim so special?

Evolution is constant in the fashion world, and brands like Reformation stay iconic by finding ways to reinvent themselves while staying true to their core values. I have been obsessed with them for a while now, and I am not the only one. The brand is beloved by countless celebs including Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Brie Larson, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Sophia Vergara, Karlie Kloss… need I go on?

Reformation is known for high-quality designs that (in their own risque assessment) are almost as sustainable as wearing nothing at all. And they’ve just released their long-awaited swim drop, just in time for beach season. For those of us dreaming of eco-friendly options that don’t skimp on style, this collection feels like a breath of fresh ocean air.

This isn’t the first time they’ve created a swimwear line, either. In 2019, Ref released a curated selection of swimwear made from ECONYL, regenerated nylon made from trash. However, they said the line was not sustainable enough due to the microplastics released when suits were washed. They did not release any other swimsuits for years. Most swimwear brands run into this sustainability conundrum, but I respect the hell out of Reformation for admitting it.

Black Swimwear by Reformation

Photo: @reformation

Blue Swimwear by Reformation

Photo: @reformation

Plastic bag with a message from reformation

Photo: @reformation

The trouble is that the best fabrics for doing everything you normally do in a swimsuit (namely swimming) are made from the one thing we know is awful for the environment: plastic.

The crux of sustainable swimwear lies in overcoming the industry’s reliance on synthetic materials. This is why sustainable swimwear options seem so limited, and why Reformation’s new collection is so impressive. Reformation rose to the challenge by readjusting its use of ECONYL and the introduction of the groundbreaking EVO fabric. These choices reflect a deeper understanding of sustainability that goes beyond mere materials. It’s about creating a cycle of reuse and renewal that mirrors the natural world.

Reformation’s new swim line is a love letter to the laid-back, sun-soaked vibes of California, combined with a touch of retro glamor. From high-waisted bikinis to sleek one-pieces, each piece is designed to make you feel fabulous, with a nod to the past and a leap towards a more sustainable future. The collection’s palette- spanning muted pastels to bold solids and retro patterns- ensures there’s something for every taste, perfect for creating that effortlessly chic beach look we all crave to embody.

It is a little bit feminine and a little bit preppy, meant to be paired with cardis and glamorous sunglasses that accent the suits’ old-money style. High-waisted bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, and cutouts are all on offer, a style for every person, vibe, and day of the week.

Beyond the aesthetics, what truly sets Reformation Swim apart is its commitment to circular fashion. The brand’s focus on small-batch production not only minimizes waste but also challenges the industry’s norms around mass production and consumption. This approach isn’t just good for the planet- it’s good for you. You can know that each Reformation piece you buy is made with love and quality in mind. It’s a statement about intentional, mindful consumption.

All in all, this is exciting news for the fashion world. If I’ve got you hyped for this new collection, keep reading for a quick rundown of some top picks from the new drop.

P.S. Reformation collections typically sell out quickly, especially when they are as highly anticipated as this one. If you’re interested in getting your sustainable swim on, don’t walk- run to order your fave style.

The Looks:

Lago Bikini Top and Azure Bikini Bottom - White Dot

Reformation is renowned for its vintage style, and the Lago set is as old school as it gets. You’ll exude classic glam in this suit, combining retro elements like the black-and-white polka-dotted pattern alongside the high-waisted bottom and 60s style bust. As an added benefit, it brings to mind the dotted bikini famously worn by Marilyn Monroe.

Joy One Piece Swimsuit

Joy One Piece in Shell Pattern by Reformation

Photo: Reformation

Joy One Piece in Shell Pattern by Reformation

Photo: Reformation

This sporty one-piece is a nod to the 80s with its high-cut sides and retro piping details, making it a standout choice for those who embrace athleisure aesthetics. This suit comes in red and white and blue and white colorways, but both styles look like they would fit in perfectly on an expensive boating excursion. The ECONYL fabric is lightweight and stretchy for extra comfort on hot summer days packed with maritime adventures. 

Rio One Piece Swimsuit

Rio One Piece in Mineral by Reformation

Photo: Reformation

Rio One Piece in Mineral by Reformation

Photo: Reformation

This design packs a huge punch. It might look simple, but here’s what I mean- the suit is sleek, and minimalist, with sharp lines that build the perfect silhouette of a sexy, tiny one-piece. This is ideal for those who prefer a hint of skin without revealing too much, providing a blend of sophistication and allure. Picture this suit with oversized sunnies and a margarita in hand, lounging by a crystal-blue island lagoon. 

Paddle One Piece Swimsuit

Paddle One Piece in Olive by Reformation

Photo: Reformation

Paddle One Piece in Olive by Reformation

Photo: Reformation

For those who love the look of a bikini, but prefer a bit more coverage, this swimsuit is the perfect choice. The olive and black colorways tell you everything you need to know about the personality of the paddle swimsuit; it is daring in all the right ways. This look whispers ‘Leave a little to the imagination’ but screams ‘I know I’m hot stuff.’

Maldives Bikini Top and Campo Bikini Bottom

Feminine and flirty, this bikini has a gorgeous baby blue color with delicate lace trim details to round it out. With its underwire construction, it provides extra support for all-day wear. This bikini is made with 80% EVO fabric, which gives the fabric a soft, cotton-like feeling with a stretchy fit, making this fabric great for all-day wear.

Victoria One-Piece Swimsuit

Victoria One Piece in Black by Reformation

Photo: Reformation

Victoria One Piece in Black by Reformation

Photo: Reformation

The Victoria one-piece has a sleek, understated design that embodies the luxury of leisurely summers spent on private shores or sun-drenched yachts. That is to say, this understated classic gives off an air of quiet luxury. Its simplicity is its charm, speaking to a heritage of refined taste, offering a nod to those who understand that true style doesn’t shout- it subtly captivates.

Azores Bikini Top and Elba Bikini Bottom

This bikini is the sexiest in the bunch. The tie-side bikini bottom and triangle bikini top in a gorgeous deep-maroon color showcases what Reformation does best, turning simplicity on its head to become something unforgettable.

Nile Bikini Top and Faro Bikini Bottom

I would be remiss to cover a new collection without mentioning the style that is taking the swim world by storm this year. This Reformation tankini showcases exactly how this trend should be worn. The sporty, Y2k style halter offers the flexibility for a busy vacationer to head from the beach to the bar to the pool with one simple, versatile look.


This collection is small-batch with circularity in mind. That means they use limited materials, only making as many as they need to avoid excess products sitting unsold in warehouses and ending up in landfills. Meaning if you want these styles, you should snag them quickly before they’re gone forever.

In a world where fashion and sustainability are usually at odds, Reformation is a beacon of possibility. Ref Swim is more than just a seasonal trend; it’s a step towards a more sustainable and stylish future. So as you plan your next beach getaway, consider making a choice that looks good, feels good, and does good.

With Reformation Swim, you’re not just making a fashion statement- you’re part of a movement towards a cleaner planet. And isn’t that the best look of all?

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