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Sustainable Swimwear Brands to Keep an Eye on In

Sustainability is an ethical value fashion brands can no longer ignore.

Becoming a conscious consumer should be on everybody’s to-do list for 2022, and be a part of the driving force of change to a more sustainable industry by supporting these brands who are on a journey to become more environmentally friendly. Although shopping sustainably can be overwhelming and confusing at times, we mindfully chose to list brands here on MySwimLook that are safely rated by Good On You™.

Good on You is a global group of campaigners, scientists, and fashion professionals who together fight for change in the industry. Their goal is to tackle the huge issue of pollution and waste in the fashion world by carefully selecting and rewarding responsible fashion brands in the hope they can drive the industry to become more sustainable.

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As the world’s leading source for rating fashion brands, they offer a score that is easy to understand for consumers to help you learn about ethical fashion. The score is made up of 3 important areas including; people, the planet, and animals. The more transparent and ethical a brand is the higher their score is.

In a journey towards a more sustainable future at MySwimLook, we seek to share the brands that are rated well to support the vision to embrace sustainability and influence the creative force.

Hunza G

A London-based label focused on minimal swimwear construction with striking colors. Hunza burst onto the scene in the 90’s after Julia Roberts suited up in Pretty Women in the acclaimed cut-out mini dress. The core of the brand was its 80’s roots and iconic crinkle knit fabric, Hunza’s nostalgic powerful hues bring a new-fangled twist to beachwear. The G was added in 2015 when Georgiana Huddart revamped the nostalgic beach must-have.

Photo of a woman in swimwear

HunzaMade solely in the UK, the distinctive crinkly knit is even dyed locally to decrease emissions and leave no wasted fabric behind. The one size fits all figure-flattering fabric, sends a new message out to young women of today’s generation, to value ethical and comfortable pieces made for the body.


With a strong sense of values, Peony is a luxury swimwear leader based in Australia creating consciously from recycled and sustainable materials. Created completely in-house for the purest designs, all their materials are even chosen with such care. Their printed swimwear fabrics are made from recycled materials, made from consumer nylon waste including carpets and fishing nets. Peony’s innovative vision led them to these eco-friendly efforts and becoming recognized as a global leader in sustainable swimwear. Timelessness is at the heart of the Peony brand, committing to creating exceptional pieces to be treasured each summer over and over.

Image of a woman wearing Marigold Ruched Holiday Balconette by Peony

Photo: Peony

The breath-taking beach brand is conscious as it recognizes that sustainability is a progress and a journey and they have so much more to learn as fashion does as a whole. Their textured swimsuits are created exclusively using a unique fabric to the brand; Repreve which is created from regenerated fibers. Offering a fresh and inventive way of fashion, the lining of each swimsuit is even created from 90% Repreve fabric.

Jade Swim

The American swimwear brand that is less reactive to fast fashion temporary trends while concentrating on sourcing responsible, organic recycled, or regenerated materials where possible. Jade Swim offers a minimalist aesthetic to create simple pieces with a classic edge.

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The unique swimwear brand is created by fashion editor and stylist; Brittany Kozerski who is a driving force of the unique silhouettes which sculpt the body perfectly. Swim Ready-to-wear like you have never seen before, the slow fashion brand only offers a limited amount of collections in small batches producing for pre-orders from wholesale orders and their own e-comm.

All swimwear is created and manufactured in LA, the Jade team even visit the factories multiple times a week to ensure the safety standards of the people and product. They even conduct life cycle assessments to ensure the garment created will stand the test of time.


Celebrating water women all over the globe, the surf wear brand is changing the game for sustainable swimwear, consciously creating meaningful garments since their first-ever wet suit.  Seea acknowledges the fashion industry’s garment production process is messy and how it impacts the environment, the brand focuses on protecting valuable resources of land, air, and water. They keep their true focus on the planet throughout their whole process.

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They take selecting fabrics and designs very seriously with environmental impact in mind to make the most informed decisions. The forward-thinking sustainable swimwear brand even focuses in on their niche; wet suits. Replacing the commonly used neoprene with a plant based Yulex technology, which is 100% natural rubber. With a focus on people, Seea creates a crucial face-to-face relationship with the individuals who cut and sew each product, as everything is manufactured locally within California.

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