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Peony Swimwear

With a strong sense of values, Peony is a luxury swimwear leader based in __Australia__ creating consciously from recycled and sustainable materials. Created completely in-house for the purest designs, all their materials are even chosen with such care. Their printed swimwear fabrics are made from recycled materials, made from consumer nylon waste including carpets and fishing nets. Peony’s innovative vision led them to these eco-friendly efforts and becoming recognized as a global leader in sustainable swimwear. Timelessness is at the heart of the Peony brand, committing to creating exceptional pieces to be treasured each summer over and over. The breath-taking beach brand is conscious as it recognizes that sustainability is a progress and a journey and they have so much more to learn as fashion does as a whole. Their textured swimsuits are created exclusively using a unique fabric to the brand; __Repreve__ which is created from regenerated fibres. Offering a fresh and inventive way of fashion, the lining of each swimsuit is even created from 90% Repreve fabric.

Daisy Fine Balconette and Daisy Staple Pant

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