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Photo: Youswim

Youswim: Body Positive Focus

It’s so rare to come across an authentic inclusive and diverse brand in beachwear. But Youswim is exactly that. A genuine, body-positive space for all women to shop.

Swimwear brands can often be known for sticking to society’s traditional beauty standards of the perfect blonde with long legs and the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel. But did we ever stop to question when or if brands ever showcased more than one kind of beautiful? Leads us to think our normal bodies are not worthy, did we ever stop to think about why we only see one kind of body portrayed in every bikini?

The Australian Swimwear brand is effortlessly showcasing women in every shape and size of all stages of life. It is simply a breath of fresh air to enter their website and see models being used from all walks of life. You won’t find any discrimination here.

Photo of two women wearing a black one-piece by Youswim. May be mother and daughter.

Photo: Youswim

Photo of model with skin condition vitiligo wearing a bikini

Photo: Youswim

Model in wheelchair wearing black bikini by Youswim

Photo: Youswim

You can even see models of all ages from their 20s to their 60s, because why shouldn’t we see older women enjoying themselves in a swimsuit? Ageism is something the fashion industry often struggles with, but Youswim is truly setting the bar high for other swimwear brands.

Not only do we see authentic use of models to represent everybody (giving instant good vibes btw). There are no size options! I repeat absolutely no size options! On Youswim you won’t see a single size choice from 6 to 12 or feel that anxiety of ordering a size you’re made to feel ashamed of. (Plus the overall ease of never having to send a size back that’s too small ever again!) How refreshing is it to enter a site and only have the color to decide on?

Youswim offers one magic size that fits all! Unbelievable right? This one size compensates for 7 sizes! It adapts to fit you and your body’s natural shape and state of flux. Finally, a brand that understands that our bodies are unique and ever-changing! Youswim is on a mission to bin standard sizing and teaches us to accept our bodies.

The seamless stretchy design conforms to you and your body, so you’re no longer trying to fit into a swimsuit, the swimsuit fits you.

“Big busts, small busts, young and old, from puberty to pregnancy — your new swimsuit adapts to you”

Oh and did I mention, that it gets even better? Youswim is sustainably sourced! Everything is ethically dyed, cut, and sewn in the UK using European-sourced nylon and packed by a team in London (that’s right no sweatshops!) The swimwear innovators are ever Certified Plastic Negative.

“For every ounce of plastic used in our swimsuits, we collect twice as much in the form of nature-bound plastic waste.”

Even their swim looks are as good as their values…

Poise Cheeky Two Piece

In such a range of fun and vibrant colors, this two-piece has a classic silhouette with a square neckline and handy adjustable straps. The cheeky low coverage bottoms are perfect to sunbathe in.

Photo of a woman wearing a bikini

Photo: Youswim

Aplomb High Waist Two Piece

The crazy color choice is a running theme throughout all the swimwear. The luxurious, ribbed material with the high-waisted fit creates an effortless look. Giving you that little more hip and belly coverage, whatever makes you feel most confident. The Aplomb stretches in every direction to complement any size from bigger busts to smaller ones and everything in between.

Image of a woman wearing Aplomb High Waist Two-Piece by Youswim

Photo: Youswim

Eva One Piece

What more could you want than a one-piece that curves to perfectly fit your unique body and natural state? Simple flattering. The low V-neck front offers a little more of a sexy look, while you can decide where the bottom sits on your hips for a high cut or covered look. Whatever you’re feeling that day.

Image of a woman wearing Eva One-Piece by Youswim

Photo: Youswim

Verve Standard Waist Two Piece

This two-piece screams comfort. The classic stretchy top offers more coverage for those who feel more confident that way! It offers a sexy square neck with that extra length on your waist. The bottoms offer mid-rise medium coverage and can be styled how you want, holding in your preferred place.

Image of a woman wearing Verve Standard Waist Two-Piece by Youswim

Photo: Youswim

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