Cover image for story: Defying Conventions: Tatiana Panakal is Living on the Fierce Side

Defying Conventions: Tatiana Panakal is Living on the Fierce Side

Are you afraid to be judged by others? Don't waste time trying to fit a certain mold!

From Spain to Indonesia, model and yoga instructor Tatiana Panakal is unafraid of showing off her true self; her social media encourages confidence in oneself with uplifting messages conveyed through stunning images that inspire many of her 100K+ Instagram followers daily. She definitely reminds us not to be scared; she's like, "Screw what other people think — you are perfect in your own right! Let go of all hesitations and show the world how awesomely confident you can be!". We really love this!

It's not about trying to be smaller or fit in with others; it's about celebrating and being true to ourselves - no matter what others think! Ditching other people's opinions is super freeing because things that might intimidate others can inspire and empower us.

Photo of @tatianapnakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Image of text that says 'I remember a time when I made myself small because others found me intimidating. I figured if I could just play small others would feel more comfortable. But that time is long gone. hasnaa -maryam'

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Image of text that says 'You're sexual. You're soulful. You're emotional. You're spiritual. You're magic. You're both of the light and the dark. You're human. Don't deny any aspects of who you are. A healthy Soul is a whole Soul.'

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Among the various beautiful photos of Tatiana, we were particularly struck by the post where she returned to Bali. We like to imagine that she had traveled this way from Spain to Bali, with all her physical presence heedless of the more or less benevolent judgment she might have aroused.

Image of @tatianapanekal

Photo: @tatianapanekal

I know; I can hear the criticism already! Easy to be positive and confident with yourself when you have her body!

I disagree; despite what some may think, I'm sure that Tatiana's confidence does not come from her physique but rather from a refusal to shy away or hide any part of herself. She embraces who she is and lives life fearlessly despite the stares that might make others self-conscious.

In a time when it can be easier to stay in your comfort zone and outwardly conform, Tatiana's photos push us to take it a step further: it's time we all embraced our most vital selves and thrust ourselves into 2023 to live more fiercely!

Tatiana is an undeniable force to be reckoned with, owning a physical presence that speaks for itself and oozes confidence. Her Instagram profile allows you to experience these photoshoots firsthand - trust us when we say there are some stunning looks here waiting to wow!

Fierce and Bold with Alessi Swim

The goal of this post is to promote a bold personality, and this photo perfectly captured that sentiment. We loved the front closure of the bikini, plus how it expertly blended materials with metal styling for an overpoweringly confident ensemble. The photographer has brilliantly highlighted the message of assurance coupled with strength! Unfortunately, this incredible swimsuit is not part of the new Alessi collection, but we're keeping our fingers crossed they'll bring it back soon enough!

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Brightly colored pattern from Rat and Boa

Vibrant and expressive, this bikini, along with the same patterned cover-up, is a stunning reflection of the magical energy that Rat and Boa always manage to create.

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Photo of Fantini_Bikini_Top-Photo_1

Photo: @Rat_and_Boa

Style and fantasy from FAE House.

Sustainability and timelessness are as essential as style and self-expression. Showing some skin can be a bold and confident statement of independence, and this is the motto of FAE House, one of the leading swimwear brands in the world.

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Photo of Honey_Top_Intimacy-Photo_4

Photo: @FAE

Andi Bagus: real craftsmanship at its best!

Regarding Balinese swimwear, Andi Bagus holds a top spot in our minds as the iconic label featured on multiple Sports Illustrated covers for several years! Their figure-hugging crochet swimsuits are pretty unique, possessing an alluring edge that embraces boldness and sex appeal with even the simplest of striped designs. It's no wonder Tatiana is one of their bestsellers, slaying in her frequent showings of Andi Bagus' captivating ensembles.

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Photo of Liquorice_'All_Sorts'_Bikini-Photo_14

Photo: @Andi_Bagus

My Gojji - new discover

We just stumbled upon the fantastic MY Gojii on the 'gram and cannot help but be inspired! We especially love their one-piece with an alluring front slit, plus layers of flirty frills that make it so chic. But trust us when we say there's much more to explore - take a peek at their entire collection stat!

Photo of @tatianapanakal for @mygojji

Photo: @mygojji

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Timeless design by Indah Clothing

Indah Clothing is designed and crafted in beautiful Bali, whose energy and surroundings have been fundamental to its fabulous fashion. From teens to sixty-somethings, all can join the Indah Girls tribe of those who love nothing more than days spent by the beach! And here's something extraordinary that makes this brand unique: they're one of just a few green batik factories on the island – combining creativity with sustainability so you can feel good about your purchases every step.

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Photo of Cora_Bottom-Photo_6

Photo: @Indah_Clothing

Only crochet dreams by Shondel

If you're looking for an elegant beach look, Shondel is the place to get it! These handmade crochet dresses and bikinis are crafted by Balinese women with a measured style that gives off sophistication. Their gorgeous model, Tatiana brings each piece even more to life - check out Shondel's site if you want proof of her graceful beauty!

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Photo of Cabris_Bikini_Top_-_Blanco-Photo_3

Photo: @Shondel

Vegan Leather Bikini by Kiwi Fox Swim

Get ready to bring out your daring side in 2023 - vegan leather bikinis have never looked so good! Tatiana has the scoop on the newest trends with Kiwi Fox Swim – take a peek at their Instagram @kiwifoxswim and you'll be blown away. If you can't wait to show off that bold, original style you crave, look at this bikini by House of Pink Lemonade – it won't disappoint.

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

Photo of Noah_-_Purple_Snake_Skin_Vegan_Leather_String_Bikini-Photo_1

Photo: @Haus_of_PinkLemonaid

Back to Spain with Soda Pop Appareal

Tatiana is absolutely stunning in this pic - the bikini is making dreamy waves! Marbella in Spain evidently inspires beautiful designs; if you know which shop stocks these bikinis of Soda Pop Appereal, please let us know - it would be greatly appreciated!

Photo of @tatianapanakal

Photo: @tatianapanakal

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