Hilde Osland and Carrie Rad wearing a swimsuit while pregnant

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Beautiful & Bump-Friendly Maternity Swimwear

Feel Gorgeous and Supported with These Fashion-Forward Maternity Swimwear Styles!

Maternity clothes have gotten a much-needed makeover and that has spilled over into the swimwear market with stylish and supportive maternity swimwear. Celebrity style icons, like Rihanna, Nicole Ritchie, Emrata, Nicky Minaj and recently Kourtney Kardashian have shown that pregnancy should be celebrated and shouldn’t prevent mothers-to-be from trying the latest trends and showing off their growing bellies.

In the world of fashion, the maternity market is big business. The global maternity clothing market was estimated to be worth USD 20.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 26.0 billion by 2026. Women are changing the fashion industry by celebrating their bodies during gestation and refusing to wear baggy, old-fashioned, and cheaply made apparel.

Nicki Minaj bikini photo in pregnancy

Photo: @nickiminaj

Kourtney Kardashian Barker wearing a purple bikini in pregnancy

Photo: @kourtneykardash

Emily Ratajkowski wearing a black swimsuit while pregnant

Photo: @emrata

The internet has also been a driving force for the maternity market by increasing the variety of fashion-forward maternity wear available. Now, fashionable moms can find a style that fits their growing bump instead of just shopping from the limited maternity swimsuits found in their local shops.

If you’re planning on spending time by the beach or pool during a very exciting period of your life, it’s important to invest in a chic and well-made maternity bathing suit. These thoughtfully made swimsuits will support your body and have you feeling beautiful throughout your maternity.

Best High-Waisted Maternity Bikini

Nadine Stripe Bikini - Navy/white

Photo: Hunza G Website

Many expectant mommies love the support of a high-waisted bikinis that supports their growing belly. If you’re looking for a cute maternity bikini with a classic nautical style, we recommend the navy and white Nadine Stripe Bikini from Hunza G.

Founded in 1984 and famous for its signature crinkle-stretch fabric and high-cut leg designs, Hunza G. swimsuits are famous for their ability to fit most without the need for sizes. This maternity bikini features full bust support making it a luxury swimsuit worth investing in!

Trendy With Full Coverage

Coverage Nancy Swim - Emerald

Photo: Hunza G Website

Coverage Nancy Swim - Red

Photo: Hunza G Website

English brand Hunza G. perfectly blends swimwear trends with modest silhouettes in their bestselling Coverage Nancy Swimsuit. Available in six different colors, including an eye-catching emerald, red, and classic black, this asymmetrical style provides well-designed bust support. If you love the current swimwear trend of asymmetrical one-pieces, this one-shoulder maternity swimsuit is for you!

For the Vintage Lover

Buttercream Rib Hayden Bikini Top - Buttercream Rib Added Coverage High Rise Bikini Bottom

Photo: Montce Website

Buttercream Rib Hayden Bikini Top - Buttercream Rib Added Coverage High Rise Bikini Bottom

Photo: Montce Website

The popular trend of textured swimwear meets classic old Hollywood glam with the Montce Hayden Bikini Top and the Added Coverage High Rise Bikini Bottom. Available in 20 different colors and prints, this flattering nylon/spandex blended maternity bikini can double as swim or athleisure, depending on the styling and accessorizing (try their matching bike shorts). With wide straps for added comfort and buttery soft ribbed material, this Montce maternity swim style can be worn until the seventh month of pregnancy. 

Supportive with Minimal Coverage

Brussels Lavender Bikini Top - Brussels Lavender Bikini Bottom

Photo: Melissa Odabash Website

Supportive, minimal coverage maternity swimwear? We know it sounds like an oxymoron, but really, what that means is a well-designed bust-supporting bikini top with a cute bikini bottom. Available in a lovely pastel shade, Melissa Odabash’s Brussels Lavender Bikini features an underwire for support and pairs perfectly with the flattering Brussels Lavender Bikini Bottom.

Both the top and bottom of this bikini are made with luxurious Italian swim fabrics and can be worn before, during, and after your pregnancy. Launched in 1999 by model Melissa Odabash, this luxury swimwear brand is a favorite of swimwear fans across the globe. 

The Maternity One-Piece Wonder

Aplomb One-piece

Photo: Youswim Website

Swimwear brand, Youswim’s one-piece swimsuit, Aplomb, is the perfect swimsuit for moms-to-be who like medium coverage and a classic shape. The stretchy fabric of this swimsuit makes it very comfortable to wear also if your growing belly has not started to be noticeable. This fuss-free swimsuit is available in two different size options: Stretch I (for US sizes 2-14) and Stretch II (US sizes 14-24) and comes in a variety of colors.

Tankini Swimsuits for Pregnant Women

V-neck Flowy Tankini Top and Chlorine Resistant Full Coverage Brief

Photo: Swimsuits for_All Website

While some pregnant women love bump-hugging styles, others prefer more flowy A-line designs. If you’re searching for a maternity two-piece that’s more full-coverage and unrestricted, you’ll be obsessed with Swimsuits For All’s V-Neck Flowy Tankini Top and the matching Chlorine Resistant Full Coverage Brief. This relaxed fit figure-flattering swimsuit features adjustable straps, and soft sewn-in, wire-free cups with a power mesh bra frame. Available in sizes 8-24, this versatile swimsuit is a great option for those looking for plus-size maternity swimsuits.

Maternity Swimwear Dress

Floral Print Maternity Swimsuit

Photo: Seraphine

Floral Print Maternity Swimsuit

Photo: Seraphine

Floral Print Maternity Swimsuit

Photo: Seraphine

Floral Print Maternity Swimsuit

Photo: Seraphine

This adorable Floral Print Maternity Swimsuit Dress from Seraphine can be worn in three different ways allowing you to customize the style of this swimsuit depending on your mood. Made with quick dry fabric, this flowy one-piece swimsuit is perfect for the boho mamma-to-be. This fashion-forward maternity brand also creates nursing bras and breastfeeding covers for those looking to add non-swim-related maternity options to their shopping cart.

Cool Cutouts

Plum Ruched Sides Front Cutout Maternity One Piece Swimsuit

Photo: Plum Rutched Sides Front Cutout One Piece

Plum Ruched Sides Front Cutout Maternity One Piece Swimsuit

Photo: Plum Rutched Sides Front Cutout One Piece

Plum Ruched Sides Front Cutout Maternity One Piece Swimsuit

Photo: Plum Rutched Sides Front Cutout One Piece

Plum Ruched Sides Front Cutout Maternity One Piece Swimsuit

Photo: Plum Rutched Sides Front Cutout One Piece

Cutouts have been dominating swimwear and the runway for years and now you can try out this trend for yourself with Pinkblush’s Ruched Sides Front Cutout Maternity One-Piece Swimsuit. Available in seven different color options, this solid maternity swimsuit features a flattering v-neckline, ruched sides, adjustable straps, and a trendy front and back cutout. Made with stretchy nylon and spandex, this chic maternity swimsuit is as flirty as it is comfy!

What to Check When You Buy Maternity Swimwear

So, you may be wondering what factors you should be considering when shopping for maternity swimwear. While you will not wear your maternity swimsuit forever, it’s important to find bikinis and swimsuits that match your needs and keep you feeling cute and comfortable. Here are some factors we suggest considering before you click ‘add to cart’.


We apologize in advance for sounding like a broken record, but comfort is key! It’s important that you feel supported in your new swimsuit, or it will never leave your dresser drawer.  Your maternity swimsuit should be snug without constricting your new growing belly curves and the straps should not be digging into your flesh. On the flip side, don’t opt for a maternity swimsuit that’s too big. While you might think an oversized swimsuit would be more comfortable, it usually ends up riding up due to the excess of fabric and its loose fit will provide insufficient support.


Great swimwear construction starts with high-quality fabric. Ideally, your maternity swimsuit needs to be made with breathable and quick-drying fabrics like nylon and spandex. These two popular swimwear fabrics are favored for providing comfort and flexibility to accommodate your changing physique easily! These soft, stretchy materials can help moms-to-be find their perfect size when they’re in between maternity swimwear sizes. Avoid scratchy and stiff fabrics that may irritate your skin and stretch marks.


Many moms experience notable changes in their bust size during pregnancy. If you could use extra support for your bust with your maternity swimsuit, look for styles that integrate bras or bra cups in their silhouette. With the expansion of the maternity market, there has also been an increase in plus-size maternity swimwear styles.

These maternity swimwear styles are made to accommodate your curves and growing baby bump. Speaking of baby bump, if you are looking for a little support for your growing belly, look for maternity swimwear with a built-in belly panel. Ideally, you’ll want a panel that provides gentle compression. Double-lined maternity swimsuits can also provide additional support for your pregnancy bump.

Sun Protection

Your maternity swimsuit can provide additional sun protection which is incredibly helpful as many women experience an increase in skin sensitivity during pregnancy. If you want to maximize your protection from the sun’s rays during your vacation while you're at the beach or the pool, select a maternity swimsuit with a UPF rating of 50+. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and swimsuits with higher UPF ratings (50 and above) can significantly reduce your sun exposure risk.

Where Can I Buy Maternity Clothing?

The best place to find maternity swimwear is online. There are great maternity stores to be found in major cities but it can be difficult to find exactly what you want outside of those metropolises. We recommend shopping online to find your must-have maternity swimwear. All of the maternity swim styles we highlighted above are linked to their swimwear retailer so you can get your swimsuit mailed directly to your door. It’s much easier to try on maternity swimwear at home than in a cramped dressing room.

When To Buy Maternity Swimwear

Timing is crucial when buying maternity swimwear. Your regular swimsuit may work for the first trimester of your pregnancy when your body is at the beginning stages of change. Generally, women don’t start to wear maternity clothes until they’re closer to 12 to 18 weeks of pregnancy. If you’re planning on spending time by the beach or the pool or going on vacation during your second or third trimester, you may want to invest in a supportive maternity swimsuit. Maternity swimsuits can be also worn post-partum and include nursing features for mothers who plan to breastfeed.

Last Thoughts on Shopping for Maternity Swimsuits

Fashion is an important way we express ourselves and no reason should stop with pregnancy. Now expectant mothers can find trendy and stylish bikinis and one-piece swimsuits that still support their changing bodies with maternity swimsuits. Maternity swimwear can also be worn during the nursing stages as some maternity swimsuits feature breastfeeding-friendly designs. If you’re an expectant mom planning on spending time by the pool or the beach during your pregnancy, make sure you find a maternity swimsuit that fits your needs and emphasizes your natural pregnancy glow!

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