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Rat and Boa

Since its launch in 2015, Rat & Boa has quickly become a favorite among fashionable women around the world. The brand’s unique mix of grunge and bohemian styles has resonated with celebrity customers and social media influencers, who have helped to build the company’s profile through word-of-mouth recommendations. Headquartered in Newcastle, UK, Rat & Boa is committed to offering high-quality clothing at an accessible price point. Co-founders Valentina Muntoni and Stephanie Cara Bennett strive to provide their customers with beautiful, unique pieces that capture the brand’s edgy yet sophisticated aesthetic. Thanks to their efforts, Rat & Boa has established itself as a leading player in the contemporary fashion market.

Mica Bikini Top and Bottom

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Lazure Bikini

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Fantini Bikini Top and Bottom

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