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Hunza G

A London-based label focused on minimal swimwear construction with striking colors. Hunza burst onto the scene in the 90’s after Julia Roberts suited up in Pretty Women in the acclaimed cut-out mini dress. The core of the brand was its 80’s roots and iconic crinkle knit fabric, Hunza’s nostalgic powerful hues bring a new-fangled twist to beachwear. The G was added in 2015 when Georgiana Huddart revamped the nostalgic beach must-have. Made solely in the UK, the distinctive crinkly knit is even dyed locally to decrease emissions and leave no wasted fabric behind. The one size fits all figure-flattering fabric, sends a new message out to young women of today’s generation, to value ethical and comfortable pieces made for the body.

Pamela Swim - Bubblegum

Photo of Pamela_Swim_-_Bubblegum-Photo_1
Photo of Pamela_Swim_-_Bubblegum-Photo_2
Photo of Pamela_Swim_-_Bubblegum-Photo_3
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Square Neck Swim - Bubblegum

Square Neck Swim - Bubblegum
Square Neck Swim - Bubblegum
Square Neck Swim - Bubblegum

Pamela Swim - Lilac

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Photo of Pamela_Swim_-_Lilac-Photo_2
Photo of Pamela_Swim_-_Lilac-Photo_1

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