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Hero image for Frankies Bikini

Frankies Bikini

In 2012, Malibu native Francesca Aiello set out to craft the perfect bikini after her mother's advice. In 2014, she made history by becoming the youngest-ever designer at Miami Swim Week and today is a leading global figure in beachwear couture. Her line of fashionable bikinis – with its high-end fabrics, fashion shapes, and cheeky bottoms – has been spotted on many supermodels and celebrities, including Gigi & Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Kylie & Kendall Jenner! Frankies Bikinis makes swimsuits that look great no matter your body type for an effortless Californian vibe with undeniable style!

Tidal Waffle Top and Genevieve Waffle Bottom - Smitten

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Tia Shine Top and Daphne Shine Cheeky Boy Short - Black

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Image of a woman wearing Daphne Shine Cheeky Boy Short - Black by Frankies_Bikinis
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