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Verde Limon

Verde Limon was founded in 2015 by Silvia de Brigard after pursuing a design degree in Paris. The brand's name, Verde Limon, means "lemon green" in Spanish, which represents the brand's philosophy of creating fun and refreshing designs that stand out. Since its inception, Verde Limon has become one of the most popular swimwear brands in Colombia, and it has gained a following in other Latin American countries and worldwide. Each piece marries classic and modern design elements, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and modernity. Always inspired by natural landscapes from her travels around the globe and her home in Bogota, VerdeLimón’s designs are uniquely vibrant and full of life. Employing female craftsmen empowers their local community through job creation and the flexibility to work from their in-home ateliers. 100% of the pieces are made in Bogota and are made-to-order, embracing a zero-waste policy.

Moa Top and Bauta Bottom - Yellow Papayas

Photo of Moa_Top_Yellow_Papayas-Photo_3
Photo of Moa_Top_Yellow_Papayas-Photo_1
Photo of Bauta_Bottom_Yellow_Papayas-Photo_1

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