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Celebrating water women all over the globe, the surf wear brand is changing the game for sustainable swimwear, consciously creating meaningful garments since their first-ever wet suit. Seea acknowledges the fashion industry’s garment production process is messy and how it impacts the environment, the brand focuses on protecting valuable resources of land, air, and water. They keep their true focus on the planet throughout their whole process. They take selecting fabrics and designs very seriously with environmental impact in mind to make the most informed decisions. The forward-thinking sustainable swimwear brand even focuses in on their niche; wet suits. Replacing the commonly used neoprene with a plant based Yulex technology, which is 100% natural rubber. With a focus on people, Seea creates a crucial face-to-face relationship with the individuals who cut and sew each product, as everything is manufactured locally within California.

Ginger One Piece Black

Photo of a girl in the sea with black swimsuit
Image of woman in swimsuit
Image of woman in swimsuit
Image of woman in swimsuit
Image of woman in swimsuit
Image of woman in swimsuit
Image of woman in swimsuit

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