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JMP The Label

Founded by Juliette Porter, a popular MTV Siesta Key star and Jaymi Washburn a veteran swimwear industry designer, JMP the Label's style is modern, bold and classic with an effortlessly chic vibe. Whether she's wearing a one-piece as a bodysuit or a bikini top under her jacket while out clubbing - the JMP Babe is never afraid to be sexy but still confident in her sexuality! JMP the Label women's line is made on beautiful island of Bali at Trend Studio boutique factory that houses female-owned businesses and 95% management consists only females.

Cali Keyhole Top and Cozumel Bottom - Coco Crochet

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Photo of cali_keyhole_crochet_top_-_coco_crochet-photo_4
Photo of cali_keyhole_crochet_top_-_coco_crochet-photo_5
Photo of cozumel_crochet_tie_side_bikini_bottom_-_coco_crochet-photo_5
Photo of cozumel_crochet_tie_side_bikini_bottom_-_coco_crochet-photo_4
Photo of cali_keyhole_crochet_top_-_coco_crochet-photo_1
Photo of cozumel_crochet_tie_side_bikini_bottom_-_coco_crochet-photo_1

Cozumel Crochet Triangle Top and Tie Side Bottom - Pink Mirage

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Vegas Top and Rio Bottom - Tortuga

Image of a woman wearing Rio Bottom Tortuga by JMP_The_Label
Image of a woman wearing Rio Bottom Tortuga by JMP_The_Label
Image of a woman wearing Rio Bottom Tortuga by JMP_The_Label

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