Four girl wearing Skatie bikini


Skatie is a swimwear and activewear brand rooted deeply in Southern California and founded by __Skatie Noyes Hutchinson__ and __Mandi Glynn__, who have been working together since their days as classmates at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Their shared journey started in 2009, and after gaining valuable experience in the fashion industry, they launched Skatie in 2016 in Venice, California, followed by the introduction of an activewear line in 2018. The name "Skatie" is a playful blend of the co-founder's formal name, Susan Katherine, reflecting her journey from the Midwest to California. The brand is as much about the California girl and an active, fun, and responsible lifestyle as it is about the clothes themselves. Skatie was founded with a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Initially, the brand used dead-stock fabrics from other designers, capitalizing on resources that were readily available and reducing waste. As the brand grew, it began to incorporate more ecologically sound materials, including textiles from recycled fibers. Beyond the materials, Skatie also emphasizes the sustainability and wellbeing of its team, believing in the importance of improving the lives of everyone affiliated with the brand. Skatie's direct-to-consumer model, which was considered unconventional when they first started, has proven to be a strength, allowing them to thrive during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic. The swimwear is available up to XL size, with the aim to offer comfortable options for everyone.

Ellis Top and Kelly Bottom - Sunrise

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