Two women wearing a bikini by Ookioh
A woman in a floral bikini by Ookioh
Two women is orange bikini by Ookioh


OOKIOH is a women's swimwear brand that took its first dip into the fashion scene in March 2018, thanks to the vision of Vivek Agarwal, a dynamic Indian entrepreneur. The brand's name, OOKIOH, draws inspiration from the Japanese term "Ukiyo," which encapsulates the essence of travel, the celebration of female beauty, and the art of cherishing the present moment. OOKIOH wants to make sustainable swimwear that doesn't hurt the planet available to more people. They really focus on making swimwear that's stylish and modern but also comfy for everyday wear. They want you to feel free and simple in their swimsuits. What makes OOKIOH special is that they use recycled plastic from the ocean and old fishing nets to make their swimsuits. And the best part is, they don't cost a ton of money. Some of their swimsuits are as cheap as $50. OOKIOH also wants everyone to be able to wear their swimwear, so they make different sizes for all kinds of people. So, if you want to look good and help the environment, OOKIOH might be just what you need.

Como Top and Surfrider Bottom

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