A woman wearing a one-piece swimsuit by Alexandra Miro

Alexandra Miro

Alexandra Miro is a luxury fashion brand that was established in Spring 2017 by its eponymous founder. Born in London to art collector parents, Alexandra Miro was deeply influenced by structure, form, and color from an early age. She traveled extensively across Asia, Africa, and South America, and lived in multiple cities like Sydney and New York, but her favorite location remains Italy, where she sources many of her luxury fabrics. Miro's brand was born out of her own search for the ultimate luxury one-piece swimsuit, a piece she believed could empower the wearer if designed correctly. The brand, which started with the 'Lara' one-piece swimsuit, centers on celebrating women, their bodies, personalities, and life choices. Prior to founding her fashion label, Alexandra Miro pursued a degree in history and graduated with a masters degree from University College London. She designs her swimwear and resort wear with strong women in mind, underlining the brand's ethos of female empowerment.

Whitney Swimsuit - Black and White

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