Hero image for Abysse Official
Hero image for Abysse Official
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Abysse Official

Abysse is a sustainable swimwear brand that celebrates and empowers women, helping them fulfill their highest potential both in the water and out. Founded in 2014 by Hanalei Reponty-Gudauskas a French Polynesian model and surfer, Abysse creates timeless pieces crafted from recycled materials for comfort without compromising on style or sustainability.

Pam Rash-Guard and Jenna Bottom - Lilac Eco Neoprene

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Photo of pam_rash-guard_lilac_eco_neoprene-photo_3
Photo of pam_rash-guard_lilac_eco_neoprene-photo_4
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Photo of jenna_bottom_lilac_-_2mm_eco_neoprene-photo_2
Photo of jenna_bottom_lilac_-_2mm_eco_neoprene-photo_3
Photo of jenna_bottom_lilac_-_2mm_eco_neoprene-photo_4

Billie - Salt-Rib

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