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Mara Hoffman

The American beach brand born in the heart of __NYC__ presents collections devoted to exploring color in a celebration of women empowerment. Since 2015 the brand has become committed to implementing sustainable and responsible practices while finding safe ways to present colorful collections, to maintain the core of the brand. The continuously conscious brand encourages consumers to better themselves and revaluate their relationship with clothes while Mara Hoffman maintains a transparent conversation about their sustainable approach. The swimwear legends even encourage criticism for growth. With a focus on sustainable practices, Mara Hoffman takes a unique approach, considering materials and production to improve and extend a garment’s life. Aiming to create garments that reduce waste, holding the planet at the heart of creation. They prioritize sourcing natural and organic fibers when selecting materials to ensure their responsibly conscious. The innovative leaders even run a full circle shop on their e-commerce site where consumers can buy and sell pre-loved pieces from Mara Hoffman

Gabriela One Piece - Cosetta

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