Various photos of women wearing   Maaji bikinis


Maaji is a well-known Colombian swimwear brand that combines vibrant colors, bold prints, and unique designs to create eye-catching pieces for the beach or pool. Founded in 2002 by sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra, Maaji quickly gained popularity for its reversible swimwear and mix-and-match options. As you walk along the beaches of Colombia, it's easy to see how Maaji is inspired by the natural beauty around them. From the bright hues of the Colombian sunset to the lush greenery of the jungle, each collection reflects the essence of this tropical paradise. But it's not just the natural beauty that Maaji draws inspiration from. The diversity of the Colombian people is also a source of inspiration for the brand, showcasing the uniqueness of every individual through its diverse range of styles, colors, and cuts. Maaji is more than just a swimwear brand; it's a celebration of individuality and sustainability. As a B-Corp-certified company, Maaji is committed to ensuring that every piece of swimwear is made sustainably and with dignity and respect for all involved in the production process.

Rainforest Coco Sliding Top and Splashy Single Strap Bottom

Photo of maaji_rainforest_coco_sliding_triangle_bikini_top-photo_5
Photo of maaji_rainforest_splashy_single_strap_bikini_bottom-photo_6
Photo of maaji_rainforest_splashy_single_strap_bikini_bottom-photo_1
Photo of maaji_rainforest_coco_sliding_triangle_bikini_top-photo_3
Photo of maaji_rainforest_coco_sliding_triangle_bikini_top-photo_2
Photo of maaji_rainforest_coco_sliding_triangle_bikini_top-photo_1
Photo of maaji_rainforest_coco_sliding_triangle_bikini_top-photo_4
Photo of maaji_rainforest_splashy_single_strap_bikini_bottom-photo_2
Photo of maaji_rainforest_splashy_single_strap_bikini_bottom-photo_3

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