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Juan De Dios

Juan de Dios is a lifestyle brand inspired by the enchanting corners of Colombia. It was launched in 2017 by Maria Valencia out of a love for the natural beauty found in Latin America, particularly in a Colombian bay known as "Playa Juan De Dios". The brand aims to provide women with a way to feel confident about themselves. The brand's pieces are made using traditional artisanal methods and handmade details sewn by women who are the heads of their households. These women are provided with a sustainable income source, which in turn supports their families. The fabrics used in the pieces are made of recycled yarns, making them eco-friendly. The designs are intended to be versatile, allowing wearers to mix and match endlessly. For example, the scarves can be tied as a top in a variety of ways, or worn as a dress or sarong skirt. The wrap-around linen skirts and swimsuits are reversible, providing wearers with more options.

Sunset Waves Top and Victoria Vintage Bottom - Lilac

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Albatross Top and Guava Bottom - Polka / Orange

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