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Faithfull the Brand

Faithfull the Brand is a labor of love crafted in Indonesia since 2012. With Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Enger at its helm, they have created an array of beautiful apparel made by local artisans with quality and authenticity as their guiding principles.

Flora Top and Andez Bottom - Bora-Bora Print

Photo of Flora_Bikini_Top_Bora-Bora_Print-Photo_1
Photo of Flora_Bikini_Top_Bora-Bora_Print-Photo_5
Photo of Flora_Bikini_Top_Bora-Bora_Print-Photo_7
Photo of Flora_Bikini_Top_Bora-Bora_Print-Photo_4
Photo of Flora_Bikini_Top_Bora-Bora_Print-Photo_2
Photo of Andez_Bikini_Bottoms_Bora-Bora_Print-Photo_2
Photo of Flora_Bikini_Top_Bora-Bora_Print-Photo_9
Photo of Andez_Bikini_Bottoms_Bora-Bora_Print-Photo_8

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