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In 2010, creative director and designer Naomi Acacia Newirth launched her label, Acacia. The label was born out of a necessity to bring sophisticated swimwear to the masses, as well as a deep admiration for nature, heritage, and femininity. Newirth was raised near the sea by her mother and developed a strong connection to nature at an early age. This connection has been a major source of inspiration for her work as a designer. During her 20s, Newirth traveled to various coasts around the world in order to learn about different cultures and gain new perspectives on the natural world. These experiences had a profound impact on her design aesthetic and helped shape the unique vision of the Acacia label. Today, Acacia continues to produce beautiful garments that are inspired by nature and designed to reflect the je ne sais quoi of the modern woman.

Baja Crochet Top and Neema Crochet Bottom - Olena

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